A Voice in the Warp

Mission 10

A Madman's Mutter

FILE NAME :: SIX_A301.voxrec

+++++ soft static hiss in the background +++++

Coming to this shithole wasn’t a bad idea after all. Apart from meeting up with the… “cell” again, we set out our plan to get things moving – finally. An Acolyte cell was active on the planet, and I’ll be damned if I let a lead like that slip by. Under the hope that they had some information that could help us, we decided that we needed them. Or at least the information they had.

Based at a nearby prison, it wasn’t going to be easy to get them to come out and play. We weren’t pussies back when we were Acolytes, but these guys sure as hell were – they hid behind walls, towers, fences, checkpoints, and armed guards. The benefits of holing up in an internment camp, I guess. And they had the best of armed guards too…

+++++ long pause +++++

+++++ Speaker clears throat +++++

We looked around for help where we were most likely to get it – the local militia. Not the “PDF” per se – they weren’t Imperial, and they sure as hell didn’t support the Imperial cause. With them, and some of Eli’s friends, we arranged to storm the prison. Unfortunately, the militia would only assist us given a favour – we had to help intercept a weapons convoy.

It was easy enough, I suppose. Though I did have a near-death experience – a lunatic commissar charged me down on a trike, powersword swinging like a madman. I could have sworn I’d lost my leg, if not my life. But I was able to gun the bastard down as Molly and Kor came to my assistance. Though I get the feeling something else came to my assistance at that moment too. Something that wasn’t truly there…

+++++ long pause +++++

With our job done, we continued planning for our attack on the prison, and decided on an alternate method to lure out the acolytes. One that had a smaller chance of us all dying. We would attack the nearby quarry where the prisoners were put to work. Set the prisoners free, and get the attention of the acolytes.

The plan worked better than expected – particularly due to Eli’s airheaded decision to use some dark magic infused bullet of his. The kid has a good heart, but it needs to start pumping blood to his brain. The bullet brought something quite sinister out to fight. It absorbed one of my m-… one of the guards, and turned it into a mass of flesh that started rolling around and absorbing nearby guards. I gunned it down with relative ease, but I need to keep Eli’s stupidity in mind.
Also his tendency to lie. I’m glad I confiscated his bullets. Wish I didn’t have to hand one off to Kor and Molly each, but before I could find a way to keep all three, reinforcements were rolling in to the quarry.

More guards came in, first, to secure the area, followed by the cell. The guards left, thankfully, but we had to deal with four acolytes, in pitch darkness. It didn’t help that they all seemed much better armed than us – one had some Xenos gun (Kor later identified it as Dark Eldar), another had a hunting rifle, one was clearly in charge and armed accordingly, while the last we suspected to be a Psyker.

We made a plan as best as possible – Eli would snipe the Psyker from a distance while we went in to combat. The idea was to capture the commander in the hopes of interrogating him. Things started off well enough, but the chimera that the acolytes came in was armed with a multi-las. Further misfortune – the commander managed to get in, arm it, and fire it at me.

I watched time dilate as the burning lasers flew at me. I knew I was screwed. FUBAR. There is absolutely no way anybody can survive a shot like that. Yet, I did. Something reached out to me, literally, as I fell into a pit of darkness. Something grabbed my hand, and pulled me out, back to life. And I was fine. I was in pain, but I was intact. The battle had already been won by the time I came to, unfortunately, but I recovered in time to watch Kor extract information from the commander.

The cell was led by Inquisitor Silvanus from his ship Ferrata Victrix, and they were here processing labour – unwanted people, and political threats. They recently received orders to go to the Malfi subsector because of the recent unrest there. They had just come from Malfi too, so things must be getting really bad there if they were being called back.

As for Von Haffen – it seems he has adopted a new name. And has gone into hiding. Perhaps in Malfi. Perhaps in the Screaming Vortex. The commander didn’t know.

As things stand now, we are pursuing the potential lead in Malfi, though I think we need to hold off on that. I would prefer to find out what is going on with me, first. Somebody is watching. I don’t think it’s the Emperor, though I wish it were… I want to find answers before I keep pursuing our goals. And I don’t think Malfi has those answers.

+++++ static hiss +++++




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