A Voice in the Warp

Mission 11

Freedom's Call

6.288.008 M42

We landed on 47-Kapella somewhere halfway between Tertius and Secundus. As we began to unload our gear and equipment, we were ambushed by the armless lass Malica and her crew. Tormund was there also with his own entourage. They quickly briefed us on the standings of the war: everything had been heavily dependent on guerrilla warfare so far, but had not been going well. After explaining our new plan of organising resistance pockets together, and laying a new communications system, we turned to the topic of repayment. We quickly agreed that if we helped to decisively win the war, we would be allowed to speak to the soldiers and attempt to rally them to our cause.

We armed what soldiers we could with the weapons we had brought, and began our journey to organise the rebels. With Eli’s help, I immediately gained a good number of supporters from a nearby village by managing to convince them of the Imperium’s oppression. With our new might, we managed to take Tertius Prima. My friends fought bravely, Tobias Evans in particular, and I awarded him the Bandaid Badge for courage in helping his wounded comrades.

Hearing that the Imperium-welcoming villages were being better rather well-treated, we knew we had to act quickly lest we risk them becoming victims of Imperial brainwashing. We did our best to broadcast a message uniting all of Kapella to Malica as a figurehead. Unfortunately, people from surrounding villages came slowly to join our cause, but they brought with them news of opportunity. An Imperial convoy was on its way to put an end to our rebellion, and we weren’t going to have any of that!

Laying traps for their vehicles, we bunkered down and waited. When they finally arrived, ho! How we drove them screaming from the gates! After our glorious securing of Tertius Prima, we received broadcasts: “Tertius Secundus with you!” and “Tertius Tertius is with you too!” Overnight, our numbers grew to four thousand strong.

With our newfound power, it wasn’t too surprising when we were contacted by a member of the enemy’s forces. Captain Dauntilus was eager to take himself away from the society which did not appreciate his skillset, and wanted to aid us in our absorption of Secundus through a carefully planned ambush.

With Secundus and Tertius under our control, 47-Kapella was essentially free from Imperial rule. As agreed upon earlier, we were allowed to convince more people to join our cause. Returning to the ship, we mutinied against Captain Obadiah, and took for ourselves a beautiful light cruiser. Kapella may belong to Malica now, but the rest of the Calixis sector is ours for the taking.




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