A Voice in the Warp

Mission 3

A Bloody Bellow

Document Name: =I= Report to Interrogator Von Haffen
Document number: 6741
Date: 4.820.999 M41
Authorization: [Red] Six
Astropathic duct: Bastion psykanna duct 7
Clearance level: Gamma

Interrogator Von Haffen,

As per your orders, we have come close to uncovering the mysteries of the Port Suffering murders that have occurred recently. On your departure, we decided to investigate the latest murder that had taken place at a nearby warehouse. It was quite clear that this murder had been very ritualistic – the body and its parts were carefully arranged, and practically put on display. The blood, steaming in the cold of the meat freezer, was also laid out in the form of a strange symbol. While investigating the scene, we engaged a few warriors who simply ‘appeared’ in the room – they were chanting in a strange tongue, and their bodies disappeared on death. I have never faced anything of the like before, and am unsure of their nature. Fortunately, thanks to my skill and little help from the local authorities, we were able to leave the scene unscathed.

Upon further research, I uncovered a link between the murders and some nearby towns. On visiting one of these towns, Colestonville, we learned that the neighbouring town of Drake’s Hollow had recently been raided, leaving only one survivor. This survivor, Talia, was being sought after by Confessor Eutalus’ Saints, and was seeking refuge at the saloon at Colestonville. Paris was able to find and speak to Talia, and convinced her to come with us for her safety’s sake. We then decided it best to visit Drake’s Hollow as a possible lead for the murders back at Port Suffering. On arriving there, we were surprised to see that this town that had supposedly been ‘wiped out’ was still quite densely populated.

I decided it to be safest if Paris and Soloman went ahead with Talia as their guide while Kor and I stayed behind to provide cover. It was fortunate that I had us wait outside the town – we were able to see Confessor Eutalus as he arrived there, along with an armed guard. At this time, Kor and I decided to join Paris, Soloman, and Talia, only to discover the hellish pit that the place had become. The town was filled with heretics and mutants, living together in a malformed harmony. As a result, I had no doubt that the murderer must have been from there.

We learned that, before leaving, Confessor Eutalus visited Vorasha the Forsworn – the head of Drake’s Hollow. As such, we made it a priority to see what the connection between the two was. We decided that a quick look through Vorasha’s house may also give us some indication as to who was responsible for the murders. I decided it best to send Kor, Paris, and Soloman sneaking through the house while I distracted the guards and held them at bay. While I went about this plan, I saw Confessor Eutalus near the building as well, despite the recent news that he had left. I didn’t allow him to distract me, however, and continued on with the task at hand.

Though my plan was flawless, I didn’t expect the trio to be incapable of a simple task such as theirs – they managed to alert the guards, and within moments we were vastly outnumbered and outgunned. As I held back and fought off the heretics, Vorasha challenged us to a battle at his fighting pit; if victorious, he would give us the evidence we needed. Soloman, in his cowardice, leapt out of a window, while the rest of us accepted his challenge.

Though Soloman returned to fight alongside us – perhaps ashamed of his previous folly – his assistance was not quite needed. With only a little help from the others, I was able to kill this ‘great warrior’ within moments. Unfortunately, Kor has been gravely injured once more, having lost his arm as he attempted to battle Vorasha. As of now, he is still in need of medical attention. With evidence in hand, we immediately departed for Port Suffering, and were able to catch the murderer red handed.

There was a minor hostage situation, but Paris, Kor, and I were able to capture the culprit alive, and will be bringing him in for interrogation. Meanwhile, we await further orders.
For the Emperor,



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