A Voice in the Warp

Mission 4

Stutters in the Swamps

=9A86 SA IMP TT=
=4.925.999 M41=

Another acolyte team, consisting of members named Elvira, Lucas, Sebastian, and Shandi had been sent on a mission into uncharted swampland. Having received a distress message shortly into their mission, and the party having gone missing, it was our task to locate and rescue them. Retracing the footsteps we were able to discern from their message, we followed the river upstream from their wrecked vehicle site. It was not long until we located the first party member. We came across Sebastian’s body floating downriver; upon examination, we determined that he died of what appeared to be human bite wounds. By nightfall, we had reached the tributaries aforementioned by the preceding cell. Needing shelter for the night, we took board as guests in a nearby mansion.

The residents of this mansion appeared to be of honourable descent and good faith. However, shortly after arrival, it was discovered that the entire mansion was a facade. Our hosts and their servants were puppets to daemonic forces, driven to kill us. We did away with them quickly and without hassle. Doors and windows would not budge; we had no way to exit. Under my lead, we swept the aboveground floors, looking for clues to our escape. In a guest bedroom we discovered Shandi’s body, left in the decay of her suicide.

We camped out in the master bedroom with plans to explore the basement floors in the morning. With the night came further evidence of heretical forces at work in the house. Stone walls danced like boiling water; objects moved without reason. The morning exploration led to the discovery of an underground tunnel, and a third recording suggesting the others had attempted to escape through it as well. Following the tunnel, we arrived at a shanty town of strangely pallid people. Incapable of any form of communication, they were of no aid to us. However, we were led by a ghostly member to an old man sitting in a side alleyway. His vicinity was covered in strange markings which hurt the eyes to look at, and clearly had daemonic associations. Against all logic and common sense, Six decided it was necessary to shoot the old man. His foolish actions led to the summoning of a terrifyingly large daemon, rotting and smelling of illness. Thankfully, I was able to diffuse the situation. Weakening the daemon with holy words, I managed to finish it off in a spray of gunfire. We were quick to exit the tunnel afterward, at which point the mansion collapsed in a heap of rubble.

Following the tributaries, we reached the walls of a town. The town appeared to be loyal to the Emperor in nature, having erected a pristine basilica to Him at their town centre. However, we were met with gunfire, seemingly from a sniper in the basilica towers. Carefully making our way through the town, we finally managed to get close enough to the tower for our assassin to chase the sniper. However, D’jinn was not successful in his pursuit. Meanwhile, the rest of us discovered the flayed remains of our third acolyte, Elvira. Six ran off on his own in the early hours of the morning, returning with word that Lucas had left the town only recently. We managed to locate him in a house besieged by zombies which he had been holding up for several days.

After rescuing him, we activated our beacon, and reassembled with you in the Valkyrie.
There we received our second mission: to infiltrate a mechanicus shrine and take out its secondary generator in preparation for full assault. We sent our techpriest undercover in order to locate inconspicuous points of entry. However, Kor returned having fully completed the mission single-handedly. The assault at hand, our force was required to do our part in the attack. Under your direct leadership, we stormed the shrine, and achieved flawless victory.
All in His name, of which the sweetest of hymns are made.
=9S86 GT IMP TT=



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