A Voice in the Warp

Mission 5

An Echo of Triumph

=9A98 SA IMP TT=
=4.016.001 M42=

As you are already aware, our acolyte team recently embarked on an impromptu mission of our own. Although I realize that our actions were not the most professional, I am sure you will agree that they were for the greater good.

Through a complicated chain of events, we happed upon an underground daemon bordello crawling with heretical activity. Understanding our duty as acolytes of His Inquisition, we took it upon ourselves to purge the good world of its existence. Due to its immense size, a room-by room sweep of the building would be near-impossible. Instead, thinking abstractly, we managed to strategically collapse the entire building along with the hundreds of daemons and heretics residing inside.

This concentrated level of heretical activity clearly stemmed from the larger-scale war on Iocanthos. Our most important task was approaching—a full-out attack against Seth’s armies was soon to come. In preparation for this great battle, our acolyte cell was assigned to attain the allegiance of the Battle Sisters.

At the time of our arrival to the Sisters’ fortress, the Sisters were already engaged in battle with hordes of heretics. Our outsider status, combined with their priorities of self-defence, made them less than willing to co-operate with us. In order to prove our good-will and dedication, they sent us on a mission to both rescue a captured Sister and return the stolen Scriptures of Ezariah.

The warring heretics had begun to retreat from battle. Following them, we discovered their encampment hidden within the nearby mountains. Despite being well-guarded, I tactfully thought to don the saint masks we had earlier acquired, and deceive our way into the encampment.
Once inside, I discovered that Sister Jessica was being held captive in a castle owned by a man named Clark. In order to come into contact with her we took up jobs at the castle; Six and I acted as saints once more, and Kor and D’jinn received odd jobs.

Having infiltrated the castle, we snuck into the prison cells under pretence of imprisoning D’jinn. He acted as a distraction whilst Six and I freed Sister Jessica. With her help, we reacquired the Scriptures from Clark’s library and escaped the castle. The challenge was then to escape the encampment. We drew upon heavy firepower and created great pandemonium, which then provided us with an opportunity to flee. A heretical horde hot on our tail, we made a mad final dash to the Battle Sisters’ fortress, barely escaping their filthy grasp.

We had completed the Battle Sisters’ task, and so assumed they would be open to helping us. However, they insisted that we had to first complete their ritualistic tests. We had little choice but to comply, and as we were pressed for time, we hoped the completion of these tests would bring their allegiance.

The first was a test of mind. We were given a riddle, and were required to determine a numerical code from it. After we spent approximately half an hour struggling, I unravelled the riddle and cracked the code. The second was a test of strength. Passing the first test, we found ourselves face to face with Sister Jessica. She called upon one of us to face her in a duel. Six accepted her challenge, and when he drew her blood, she allowed us passage. The third and final test was one of faith. D’jinn pointedly accepted this test as his own. He walked a fiery passageway, and faced an apparition of a daemon with unflinching faith. The tests completed, we finally gained the allegiance we had been working for.

The time for battle was upon us. We approached a large tower as we drove in. You, along with Lucas, ran past it to fight the battle elsewhere. There was suspicion that Eutalus could be hiding out in the tower; battling heretics left, right, and centre, we managed to make our way in. We climbed the tower for what seemed like many days. Knowing this to be an impossible reality, we decided that evil forces were at work, and made resolve to abolish them.

When we reached the tower roof, we saw Eutalus conversing with two chaos marines. They took from him what appeared to be a book, and then flew off in their ship, leaving him to fend for himself against our righteous wrath. Needless to say, as The Emperor was on our side, we defeated Eutalus despite terrible struggle. The battle was won and the day was saved. With golden hearts, we turned homeward bound.

We serve for His return.

=9S98 GT IMP TT=



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