A Voice in the Warp

Mission 6

Signals in the Void

click of recorder, followed by loud static


incoherent words that might of sounded like ‘curseded device’ or ‘turkish delight’, and two loud thuds

loud static minimalizes into background

Acolyte D’jinn Soloman of the Red Cell, reporting to Interrogator Von Haffen on the date of 4.197.001 M42. In response to the emergency transmission received on the valkryie – shortly after the fall of the Liberator and his tower – our cell headed off to Port Suffering.

On board the valkyrie, we met up with Acolyte Kali Cyrine, who insists that she belongs to our cell, but I suspect otherwise. Kor had to go through intensive healing for the whole trip under the healer Doctor Jones, while the rest of us surveyed the outside, confirming the damages implied by the emergency transmission.

Upon landing in Port Suffering we were apprehended by ground control, but Paris dashed past them in panic, with the rest of the party chasing after him. Well…except for Kor. He stayed due to having no replacement leg available. Paris led us to a house that was being invaded by the enemy. We quickly dispatched them (with me dealing the killing blow to the last guy) and rescued the maiden that was located within (who turned out to be Paris’ bed mate).

Six voxed to the spaceport to check on their status, and notified the team that the port was under attack and we disembarked right away (with Paris carrying his mate). On the way, Six’s associate Bane joined us. In regards to this Bane character, I suggest to be on full alert around him, for he reeks of an odour that can be classified as chaotic.

Upon arrival of the spaceport, we regrouped with Kor and Lucas and boarded a shuttle to the light cruiser “Wrath of Drusus” in space. From there, we were introduced to Captain Krell, and he debriefed us of the situation at hand: the Imperial battalion was going against a chaos fleet (2 battleships and 2 cruisers on either side) and the arrival of the Mechanicus fleet may help turn the tides (which you, sir, and Six managed to convince the Magos to assist the Imperium, on the condition that we return the favour).

The Captain went with our idea of standing our ground and assigned our party (along with a squad) to protect a generator as the first line of defence. Once the ship’s hull was breached, we cut down the enemy with no remorse. Some things that were noted during battle were that they seemed to have hazy eyes and shout out the phrase “For the Word!” After battle, upon closer examination, the heretics wore a crest logo of a flaming daemon head upon the chest of their clothing.

We reported back to the Captain of our success, only to be sent off again (with 9 servo skulls for Kor to operate) to flush out a person that was sneaking around in the engineering deck. After many hours, we were unable to catch the culprit and reported back to the captain. However, Paris was able to catch a glimpse of the intruder: a man who wore black clothing and what seems to be shiny pins on the lapel. Do not judge me rashly, Interrogator Von Haffen, sir, but to my knowledge, this description somewhat describes Lucas (for he has an affinity for black clothing and rank pins). For the sake of the Imperium, and the Emperor’s will, I hope that the person skulking about the engineering deck was not Lucas.

After 2 months of sailing in the warp, we encountered the Space Marine cruiser “Decario’s Vengeance”, and we were able to meet with 3 Space Marines (1 of them being the Librarian) in reverence of our holy Emperor. After that, we disembarked in a shuttle to the hulk to repay our debt to the Magos. Upon arrival, the Magos (surrounded by Space Marines) notified us that there was a distress signal in the hulk and told us to investigate the source. She also warned us that vox signals would become weaker as we go deeper into the hulk.

Once inside the hulk, we came across the distress beacon with 4 gretchins hammering away at it. Upon arrival, the enemy noticed us and started to attack us. After dispatching them, Six notified the Megos about the presence of Orks in the hulk, and Kor discovered that the beacon was brand-new with no message logs on it (only a continuous message of ‘SOS’ and the notion that it was set up the day before).

Upon discovering the nature of the beacon, a huge Ork rampaged into the alcove, which we bravely battled with utmost abandon. Once I dealt the killing blow (rendering it to bloody pieces), the floor collapsed underneath us, sending our cell down into the tunnels. As soon as we recovered ourselves, we were faced with the crossroads of fate.

May the Emperor guide our weapons to strike fear into the heretics and protect our souls from the corruption that is known as Chaos.

Acolyte D’jinn, signing off.
click of recorder



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