A Voice in the Warp

Mission 7

A Cry in the Crossroads

=|= Report to Interrogator Von Haffen

= 4.218.001 M42 =

Interrogator Von Haffen,

Continuing from where I left off last time, we decided to venture down the Southern tunnel which was covered in bizarre diamond-like symbols carved into the walls, and there was considerable battle damage to the tunnel, so we proceeded with caution. We finally reached the end of the tunnel and we were met with a row of spikes with decapitated heads perched on top (their eyes had been peeled back and the symbol had been carved on their eyes) and a large, solid door baring the diamond-symbol. There was also a surveillance camera watching us, we politely knocked on the doors and were allowed in. As we got a little further in we encountered another door, as we knocked on the second door a handful of guards appeared and asked that we surrender our weapons, I complied, but reluctantly as I feel too light without my lovely swords by my side. But this is a mission, sacrifices must be made. I should also point out that these men were speaking a basic and simple language, making it difficult to communicate, but we were finally able to tell them that we’re doing a favor for the Mechanicus and that we were just trying to make our way back to the surface.

We were led inside the second set of doors and past an armed barricade and up through a town of sorts. We were able to conclude that this was a colony ship as we were led up towards the best looking house at the top of the hill. We met with the leaders of the ship, Jarl Gunnar Krakenmaw, the other wearing a wolf pelt named Gothi and Skjald Heoroth Greypelt. We begin to tell them our story, and they asked us what we can do for them in exchange for getting us up to the surface, after some back and forth, they tell Kor that he will use his abilities to repair their machines and a set of guards whisk him off, the rest of us are to live on the ship on the outskirts of town, we were also not told where Kor was but were able to keep in contact with his through our vox.

Rather than spending the rest of the day in a run-down shack, we decided to wander around the village and we were followed closely by guards the entire time. The villagers eyed us warily and any weapons we tried to buy resulted in the vendors refusing to sell to us. We decided to see how far we could venture up the hill in the ship and we managed to make our way back to the leader’s den where we met with them and asked them how long we would be staying there, they answered that we would be there as long as we’d have to. After getting in touch with Kor again, he informed us that while he was working on the generator, he would be there a LONG time and was not happy about it, but once night fell he was sent to our shack.

While eating in the public eating area Paris was approached by a random man wanting us to leave and the man proceeded to knock Paris down. Six and I fight him off for a while, with Kor trying to hit him with a chair, but Six manages to land the last blow and the crowd went crazy. We were given free drinks, but given his embarrassing defeat Paris decided to leave, but Six and I enjoyed them.
The next day the Jarl gave us a mission, to investigate strange voices coming from the crossroads where we fell in, and that for the mission we would be given back our weapons and five guards. We and one guard decided to head down the Eastern tunnel to investigate, while the 4 other guards went West.

The Eastern tunnel was a merchant ship (according to Kor who managed to hack the schematics of the ship) and there was the occasional patch of moss on the walls and floor, but most of it gathered around the ducts that rattled every once in a while. Kor even tried knocking on the vent, covered by Paris and I, but nothing happened. We quickly found the source of the strange voices, it was a transmission from you, asking us to investigate this section of the ship and to check out the orc situation. After Kor sent you the data from the console he was using, I was attacked by a blobby larva from the vent but I managed to get it out with a knife and stamp it dead. We then got a vox from Paris and Six telling us that we were facing a Tyranid infestation. After venturing a little further into the ship, I had to slice open a door only to find 30 dead chewed-up bodies and an equally dead console, we quickly retreated back to the crossroads, but found no one else there. Paris went back to the village and informed the Jarl about your transmission being the source of the voices and the Tyranids. He then sent 15 guards to block off the Eastern side, but sent us with 5 guards to investigate the Western tunnel in order to find the missing guards.

As we ventured in, Paris and Six found a sign with a symbol on it, Six told us that it’s linked to heresy, but we continued on. As we moved along, we follow the footprints of the guards that went missing, seeing that two sets of footprints stopped suddenly while the last one moved forward. We checked the walls and ceiling but couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary. As we investigateed some of the rooms we found shattered microscopes and stuff, and one of the desks looks like it was cut with a laser, but was ice cold to the touch. At one point one of the guards went missing and none of the others saw him leave. We decided to head down the staircase at the end of one of the hallway, and Kor mentioned to us that he felt like the floor was watching us, even though it was solid. As we kept going, one of the guard’s arms brushed the wall and it suddenly started to pull him in, Kor manageed to cut off his arm in time with a chain axe and stem the bleeding, but the guard died of shock.

We began discussing whether to continue or not, while this was happening a hand came out of the wall and crushed the head of yet another guard. We, once again, quickly retreated. Six then threw a frag grenade into the lake at the crossroads because I suppose he wanted to blow SOMETHING up.

After reporting back to the village with the Jarl, Kor was sent to the generator to finish repairing it while the rest of us were sent back to the shack. The next day repairs were finished and we visited the Jarl once again to discuss our exit strategy. He told us that by going through the North, East, or West tunnel we would get to the surface, and he highly recommended the Northern passage while giving us schematics even though they weren’t complete as it just kinda droped off at the end with a massive red blip. To get some last minute rations, I traded a las pack for some food at the market before leaving.

After making our way through the Northern passage, we reached what the red blip was, a multi-level village dug by orcs. We waited until nightfall with Six guarding the tunnel and taking out orcs that found us. We sneaked along under the cover of night until we reached a guard orc, which Six distracted using a piece of scrap metal, we managed to find a 4 seat vehicle with a stubber on the back and an orc asleep at the wheel. Paris slashed the stomach and I slammed my chainsword down it’s throat before it could scream. Six decided to drive while I manned the stubber. We got spotted and I started suppressing fire while Six ran over some smaller orcs. As we made our way up, we were suddenly attacked by two orcs in choppers, I managed to hit one of them while Kor fired off a couple of shots at the other. At one point the car drifted and stopped, but Six snapped out of it and kept driving. As we made it up to the final level of the orc village we encountered a ramp with an orc standing at the end. Six slammed into him and the car crashed partially onto the edge of the last level. Six, Kor, and Paris managed to get out of the car, but I almost didn’t make it as an orc tried to slap me down as I tried to scramble out of the car.

After making our way out, we went on a four day trek through the hulk after which we encountered a space marine who went with us back to the rest of the crew. Right now we’re in the midst of resting up but we’re all thankful to the Emperor for protecting us in spirit during this last mission!

The Emperor protects!

= Kali Cyrine =

= 4.218.001 M42 =



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