A Voice in the Warp

Mission 8

A Lament for the Fallen

=1A020 SA IMP TT=
=4.329.001 M42=

After our return to the surface and a few days of rest, we received word that a man known to collaborate with the orks was believed to be down the westward tunnel. Seeing as we already knew a route to the area, I suggested that we take the path that was already secured. When we reunited with the local population, they updated us on the status below the surface of the hulk. Apparently, the orks have been acting strangely, working more tactically than they have ever been known to operate.

However, we did not let this information concern us, and we proceeded down the westward tunnel with determination to find out what we could about this man. Although some time had passed since we had last been there, it appeared that the tunnel was undisturbed from when we left it. As we journeyed along the halls, I happened to discern a silhouette crossing the far end of the hall, and took note of this.

Our investigation proved unfruitful, and all we happened to discover was some abnormal plant life growing along the walls. Be that as it may, we were attacked in the midst of our searching by what I believe to be the same silhouette I had seen earlier. The creature was strange, able to travel through a variety of materials and use them to form its shape. After engaging it, it fled the battle, instead choosing to follow us in cowardice and attack at random opportunity. Fortunately we were finally able to kill it, and proceeded with the rest of our journey in peace.

Following two days of travel, we have reached a chute of some sort, and have made our way to the bottom of it. From what we can see, the man we were looking for is definitely here, and has the heretical tome that once belonged to the witch Eutalus. He has left along a set of rail tracks, but I suspect he is likely to return.

There is a small door by the far wall which appears likely to lead us to the tracks. With faith on our side, we will be able to sneak over and enter without being spotted. After reaching the tracks, we can follow them, and find this heretic.

That we fight to rest in His light.

=1S20 GT IMP TT=

=1A027 SA IMP TT=
=4.329.001 M42=

To be perfectly onest, I wasn’t too keen on workin with Red cell at first, seeing how much of a disapointment they were to you. However, me opinion of them changed pretty quickly when I had the chance to get to know them better. In fact, this lovely bunch of scalawags is actually capable of getting The Emperor’s work done, given the oportunity.

As it turns out, a whole colony of filthy xenos orks had been livin in the depths of this ship-hulk. We suffer not the unclean! We suffer not the impure! and duty demanded we wipe them out. With the companiment of some fine and handsome Space Marines, we rallied another 800 or so hulk-natives to join our attack, then proceeded to work on a distraction so that we could gettem from behind.

Our tech-priest Kor managed to build us some harnesses so that we could reach the bottom-most floor of the colony, where it seemed all the xenos’ ammunition was being stored. After careful planning, we planted several bombs by their ammo-tents, and set them off as their grotesqe warboss aproached.

We fought a bloody battle, suffering heavy casualty. Me cell mates sacrificed much to ensure his death, but in the end, it fell upon me own shoulders to bring him down. With their leader gone, the rest of the orks were totally lost and didn’t know what to do. Slaughtering them became easy enough.

Armour thy personage in faith to He,

=1S27 ST IMP TT=



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