Captain Wrex Krell

The Captain of the Dauntless class light cruiser Wrath of Drusus


Serving aboard the frigate “Solomon’s Sting” with Jocelyn Zaal, both served with distinction, distinguishing themselves in many boarding actions and developed reputations as calm and collected officers.

A recent transfer over to the “Wrath of Drusus” saw their careers on the rise. His true distinguishing moment was during an altercation with the crew, in which several mutinous elements led by the former first mate rose up in defiance of the previous Captain the late Tybalt Verne. Wrex led the loyalist members of the crew in a masterful operation to put down the mutiny. His impassioned oratory inspired the crew to many great acts of vengeance against the ungrateful and mutinous wretches.

Just before his death Captain Tybalt named Bosun Krell to be his successor. He then promoted Zaal to the rank of first mate. Now he commands the ship and possesses the crew’s loyalty; definitely not a man to cross.

He was last seen by Red Cell in 4.599.001 M42 as he was openly fleeing from an Inquisitorial fleet, presumably guns blazing. His current whereabouts are unknown

Captain Wrex Krell

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