Doc "Bones" Jones

"Hee hee hee he was such a stinky one... all filled with pus inside... oh he foughts too hee hee I likes it when they fight so much more enjoyable, hee hee"- about knifing Bane


A newly revealed agent of chaos, his fingers have far too many joints to be entirely natural. He’s shed his previous excitable demeanour in favour of a more cunning and presumably slightly insane self. His actual physical appearance has changed from his previous kindly old man to reflect his newly announced allegiance.


Red Cell does not know much about the doctor. They know that he is always present during their training sessions, ensuring that no harm comes to them. He has proven himself to be a competent battle medic, but definitely a tad unfocused and easily excitable, especially when it comes to weaponry. He doesn’t seem to be attached to any cell, though he has been seen accompanying Von Haffen at times.

He was last seen disappearing through a warp gate on 4.846.001 M42. The doctor seems to have used his bumbling, carefree, sideshow attitude as a ruse to throw off those who would investigate into him. He has also claimed responsibility for a vast array of crimes that Red Cell has been charged with. He has openly claimed allegiance to an entity or cult called “The King in Yellow” before he mocked the party. The doctor did however offer them their freedom by placing keys within reach of their prison cells aboard “The Light of Faith” before disappearing through the portal. Most of Red Cell took the keys.

Doc "Bones" Jones

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