First Mate Jocelyn Zaal


The first mate of the Wrath of Drusus, her piercing gaze demands immediate obedience from her underlings.


Serving aboard the frigate “Solomon’s Sting” with Wrex Krell, both served with distinction, distinguishing themselves in many boarding actions and developed reputations as calm and collected officers.

A recent transfer over to the “Wrath of Drusus” saw their careers on the rise. Her true distinguishing moment was during an altercation with the crew, in which several mutinous elements led by the former first mate rose up in defiance of the previous Captain the late Tybalt Verne. Though she fought with unrelenting determination ultimately the Captain could not be saved from the hands of the treacherous crew. She showed no mercy to the ring leaders.

Just before his death Captain Tybalt named Bosun Krell to be his successor, who then promoted Zaal to the rank of first mate. She now serves faithfully as his right hand woman.

She was also last seen in 4.599.001 M42 with Captain Krell aboard “The Wrath of Drusus” right before Krell went rogue. Her exact alignment is currently unknown at this time but it is hypothesized she may have also turned.

First Mate Jocelyn Zaal

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