Lucas Krell


Once serving the Adeptus Arbites, Lucas Krell now loyally serves the Inquisition. Tall and darkly handsome he uses both his looks and his fists to get what he wants: the destruction of the foes of man.


Born upon scintilla he is the 83rd in line to noble house Krell, an old, but noble house with a long history of serving the Imperium in its various branches. Choosing to follow in the footsteps of one of his uncles, he joined the Adeptus Arbites. His early career was relatively uneventful, seeing as how his seniors kept giving him the easy shifts and generally shunted him away from any dangerous on duty work.

Fed up with nothing but cushy jobs, he swapped ID’s with another arbitrator and went down deep into the underhive. It was there that he learned his first true taste of what it meant to be an arbitrator. Noone knows what depravities he saw in the underhive, for even he won’t speak of it, but when his duty rotaa was completed, he ascended back into the upper spires as a changed man.

That his spirit was not broken by the horrors of the underhive is a testament to his character that still defines him to this day. With noone to comment on his activities and using the might of his family name, he began taking duty rotations into the underhive. Noone knows what happened down there. Some say he became a black hearted devil blasting apart as many underhivers as he saved, while others say that he was a shining beacon of hope in the darkness; helping where he could with words, and destroying those he couldn’t speak to with shot and maul. Regardless of his supposed opinion it was here that he was hired by the Inquisition. Shortly after he was aboard a ship blasting off to the far reaches of the sector.

Krell was last seen in 4.846.001 M42 aboard the gothic class cruiser “Light of Faith” informing the party of the many charges against them, and demanding they simply confess as they were clearly heretics in his and what seems to be the wider inquisition’s eyes.

Lucas Krell

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