47 Kapella


Population: 50,000 aprox.

Tithe Grade: Solutio Prima

Geography: Climate arid with extensive deserts and salt plains. Water is found in vast underwater aquifers and cave networks. Harsh dust and salt storms are a common occurrence. Settlements are usually shielded to allow agri-domes to function without being damaged.

Government Type: Adeptus Terra

Governor: Military council comprised of the most senior Imperial Guard commanders on planet

Adept presence: Adeptus Terra, Administratum, Adeptus Ministorum, Adeptus Astra Telepathica.

Military: Occupying Imperial Guard forces, and local militia

Trade: The citizens of 47 Kapella harvest salt from the vast plains left behind by the disappearance of their seas. Additionally some mines have recently been erected through which a small supply of ores have begun being exchanged with nearby planets.

Settled in 610.M39 during the influx of colonists post crusade, 47 Kapella was one of the last planets to see the arrival of settlers due to its harsh and unforgiving climate. With the Planet’s surface so hostile, its settlers gathered together under three principal cities of Primus, Secundus, and Tertius for protection. However this has not prevented many folk from forming small villages usually around an underground aquifer who attempt to strike it rich on their own.

These conditions made many lords view 47 Kapella as a small and unimportant planet in the Drusus Marches region. However 47 Kapella became worthy of attention by the high lords when it decided to follow suit with its neighbour Protasia and declare its secession from the Imperium.

Unlike its neighbour however, 47 Kapella’s rebellion was a messy and disorganized affair, which lead to its swift defeat in open battle. Despite this setback though, fierce guerilla battles are being fought throughout the planet, a situation that is steadily draining away resources from the Koronus Crusade.

47 Kapella

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