Additional Gun Upgrades

This section introduces two new gun upgrades the bipod and tripod

The Bipod

Cost:75 thrones

Weight: 0.75kg

Effects: When a weapon is equipped with the bipod upgrade, the shooter has the option to now brace his/her weapon. This confers a +10 to ballistic skill tests. However due to the extra weight added onto the gun it confers a -5 penalty to ballistic skill when firing the gun unbraced. Keep in mind when bracing the weapon, if you are not up against a piece of cover, you are assumed to be in the prone position meaning for example that if you just shot the gun and an enemy charged you, the enemy would get +10 to hit you as per prone rules. Please refer to the prone houserule for more details. Additionally if one decides on buying the bipod upgrade one could not also attach on an auxiliary weapon, assume the bipod takes up the same slot.

Can be equipped on: Needle rifle, Webber, Basic Las, Basic Plasma, Basic SP, Heavy stubber, Shotcannon, VI Crank Cannon,

The Tripod

Cost: 300 thrones

Weight: 5kg

Effects: This upgrade confers a +20 bonus to ballistic skill. Bracing a weapon with a tripod always takes a full action. This weapon also takes up the auxiliary slot. Bracing a tripod in open ground does not count the user as prone (you cannot go prone so long as you’re using the tripod mounted weapon) Vehicle mounted weapons count as having a tripod due to their better bracing across the vehicle’s chassis.

Can be equipped on: Heavy Las, Heavy Launcher, Heavy SP

Additional Gun Upgrades

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