After the Breakout

4.846.001 M42

- Von Haffen disappears atop the demonic tower at Iocanthos. The planet promptly descends into anarchy.

- Being noted as a key world which supplies ghostfire pollen to the penal legions of the sector. An immediate reconquista is launched by Lord Hax to wrest the planet back into imperial hands.

3.729.002 M42

- Red Cell escapes from the clutches of the Inquisition, and decide to go their separate ways, vowing to meet in five years time.

5.729.002 – 5.187.002 M42

- The reconquest of Iocanthos concludes at this time, and the rebuilding of infrastructure begins. Many citizens do not pass inquisitorial screening, and are sentenced to labour camps.

- The military build up prompts a crusade into the Koronus Expanse. It is immediately blighted with terrible luck.

5.187.002 M42 – 5.637.007 M42

- Separatist riots on Malfi begin to occur.

- Separatist sentiment intensifies, Imperial control slackens due to lack of military forces to pacify the angry populace.

- Sector Lord Hax in fits of paranoia proceeds to implement harsher and harsher measures to try to control the unrest, measures which work temporarily but ultimately fail.

- These attempts at pacification ultimately breed more and more unrest through the sector as citizens see little reason for these unjust legislations.

5.637.007 M42 – 5.938.007 M42

- The Koronus Front begins to stagnate as previously neutral xenos show a greater than expected tenacity in holding their worlds.

- More and more regiments and material are diverted into the Koronus Front, which has garnered a reputation as a hellish meat grinder for soldiers, tanks, and resources. The situation however, does not improve, and only results in catastrophic casualty rolls.

- The riots on Malfi intensify. More and more voices are heard shouting for Malfi to retake its rightful place, and become the capital of the sector once more. Despite extensive manhunts for the dissidents, none can be found.

5.637.007 M42 – 5.000.008 M42

- The riots reach a fever pitch, which results in mass rebellion from major factions within the hives of Malfi.

- The entire subsector falls into chaos and disorder as guard regiments are rerouted to the Malfi subsector so that the uprising can be quelled as quickly as possible.

- The crusade fronts suffer as a result of this disruption in the supply chain, and many understrength regiments are thrown in to compensate. Many are the fallen.

5.000.008 M41 – 6.378.008 M42

- Multiple disasters blight the rimward crusade front, and a full rout is in order.

- It is in this hour of darkness however that a hero steps forth, and a grox herder by the name of Isaiah, claims that he is saint Drusus reborn. Despite not being verified by the Ecclesiarchy, his undeniable faith and charisma is evident simply by the fact that he single handedly stabilized the rimward front.

- Faith is restored in the sector almost literally overnight with following the pict-casts and temple attendance has never been higher.

After the Breakout

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