Population: 15 billion

Tithe Grade: Exactus Tertius

Geography: Climate temperate with extensive equatorial deserts. Three main continents – mountainous/volcanic souther polar cap, equatorial crescent deserts/jungle (Hive Tarsus, Hive Tenebra [ Extinct] ) northern temperate landmass (Hive Sibellus, Ambulon, gunmetal city). Remainder of planetary surface covered in ocean (heavy pollution). Two moons (Sothus and Lachesis). Orbital docks above hive tarsus

Government Type: Adeptus Terra

Governor: Governor Alexander Vossifus the 28th

Adept presence: Adeptus Terra, Administratum, Adeptus Ministorum, Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Adeptus Arbites, Adeptus Mechanicus

Military: The Alactran Highguard(medium quality force)

Trade: Alactra is a medium sized hive world whose main export is finished goods made from refined promethium. Additionally it creates masses of Chimera APC transports with which it exports to the rest of the Calixis Sector as well as arming its own PDF extensively with.

A medium sized hive world, Alactra is located deeper into the north west quadrant of the Malfian sub sector.

Conquered early in St. Drusus’s crusade, Alactra was at first used as a refueling and rearming station for the Imperial forces under his command. As demand for material and manufacturing grew, and as portions of the crusade began to engage in grinding wars of attrition, more and more of Alactra was converted into manufactoriums to supply the front.

It was not until the discovery of an STC template that the Adeptus Mechanicus took an interest. Quickly setting up their own manufactoriums, and temples, the servants of the Machine god began to study the STC template in earnest. The result was a new mark of the Chimera APC in which an autocannon is mounted in the turrent instead of the more traditional multi laser or heavy bolter.

The discovery of the template rapidly increased the rate of mechanization of Alactra, to which the ash wastes that now surround the entire planet stand testament too. Despite this discovery the world soon fell by the wayside as the crusade front moved on. Now it is only really paid attention to by Mechanicus pilgrims as they venture to see the wonders of the STC template.


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