Eli Hastus

Eli Hastus was a man of the people, from his early days on Piety to his final moments. He never left a comrade, because any person willing to stand with him was in an instant a dear friend. In his youth on Piety he was leader to the gang The Brooklyn Bombers, in a few years he was a commander of soldiers and ships. Eli had an honest magnetism that drew people to him, Eli never tried to be someone he wasn’t, he only wanted to be the best friend he could to those around him.

In time he found solace in Slaanesh, a being who valued enjoyment and value in the bonds of others, his body and his mind took to Slaanesh quickly, and he was as loyal to Him as he was to those who followed him.

In the end his trust was his downfall as he was mercilessly slain by a fellow comrade, but this is not the end of the story for Eli Hastus. Eli leaves behind many devoted followers, myself included, and the demise of his physical body is only a temporary setback in Eli’s legacy for a better world for his friends, a world without tyranny, a world everyone could enjoy. For now though, his soul roams The Warp, watching over us, and the time of his return slowly but surely creeps closer.

Eli Hastus was, and will always be, a man of his people.

- Written by Leila Akadia

Eli Hastus

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