Gelmiro Majoris

Population: 5 billion

Tithe Grade: Aptus Non

Geography: Temperate climate with extensive deciduous forests. Four main continents – mountainous/volcanic northern and southern polar ice cap, northern temperate landmass containing majority of the food producing regions and population connected to the southern equatorial landmass via land bridge which houses majority of the manufacturing capabilities as well as extensive deserts and chemical wastelands. Remainder of planetary surface covered in ocean. The moon of Gelmiro Minoris orbits its bigger cousin, and functions as a prison/mining colony for the system.

Government Type: Hereditary Monarchy

Governor: His Majesty Theodore Gelmiro the 12th of his name (Deposed)

Adept presence: None

Military: Gelmiran Grenadiers (low/medium quality force splintered into small local cells, command structure largely annihilated)

Trade: Gelmiro Majoris is a largely self sustaining planet, only largely conducting trade within its own system when not shipping out tithes. Most raw resources are collected from Gelmiro Minoris. Gelmiro Tertius has only been settled in recent time, and thus has yet to contribute hugely to the system.

Gelmiro Majoris is the capital planet of the Gelmiro system. Being located at the north eastern end of the Markayn Marches it functions as a conveniently located frontier world for those wishing to either travel into the neighbouring Ixaniad sector or further coreward.

Once an up and rising world, Gelmiro was on the way to becoming a major stopping point for all travellers; this all ended however at the coming of the “Tyrant’s Dawn” cult. Beginning as a small minor charismatic off shoot of the ecclesiarchy it quickly spread like wildfire through the populace. The cults quickly became militant and rioting ran rampant. Inexperienced with the halting of such cults the monarchy was slow to mobilize the PDF and react. Unfortunately the cult had spread its roots far and many of the PDF were actually secret adherents. Chaos soon followed and the monarchy was overthrown over the course of several years. (The last pitched battle before the onset of the guerilla war and subsequent break down into cells was logged in at 7.726.998 M41) The current monarch is currently missing and presumed to be dead.

Lacking in morale and leadership the imperials were pushed off the planet and forced to retreat to Gelmiro Tertius leaving Gelmiro Majoris firmly in heretical hands. Controlling all from the melodramatically dubbed “Bastion of Woe” in the northern continent, the heretics dominate the populace through fear, coercion, and pain. Despite all of this however, a strong resistance movement is still being fought by the remnants of the PDF; though with no way to coordinate with each other their efforts are largely dispersed and unorganized, at times even hindering each other.

A large supply of men and war material at one point was inbound to Gelmiro Tertius but with the recently dubbed “13th Black Crusade” being led out of the Eye of Terror much of that has been diverted. What did arrive at Gelmiro Tertius is merely a token force, and given the current state of the PDF and the lack of reinforcements will clearly not be enough to win in a ground war with the heretics. Thus the Imperium sits in a cold war state with neither force capable of summing up enough naval power to invade the other though that may soon change as reports from cells all around the world report an increased amount of activity at all levels.

++++REPORT CODIFIED AT 6.058.001 M42++++

Gelmiro Majoris

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