Hesiod's Wake

Population: 3.8 billion (approximate)

Tithe Grade: Exactus Tertius

Geography: Four continents, of which the two largest, Tolera and Greengoode, are designated to be primarily used for agricultural purposes; one northern polar cap, Ghon, deemed largely uninhabitable; one small rockland/forest mix continent by the name of Caeldon, the planet’s primary destination for vacationing nobles. Abundant sources of fresh water present. Remainder of planetary surface covered in ocean. Two moons, Colavita and Raelton.

Government Type: Varying regional governments with central unification under Planetary Governor Ludwig Sterling

Military: No unified planetary military. However, most individual regions have independent military forces.

Trade and Economy: The majority of Hesiod’s Wake’s tithe consists of fresh water. Excess agricultural goods are exchanged with the neighbouring planets of Dalthus and Purgatory of Soubirous for raw materials not available on Hesiod’s Wake (primarily metals and minerals). Hesiod’s Wake is a thriving agri-world where few are often hungry.

Current Events: Recently, major agricultural regions have been under attack from pirates. Due to Hesiod’s Wake’s poor military force, the majority of the planet’s protection has been supplied by Dalthus and Purgatory of Soubrious.

Hesiod's Wake

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