Inquisitorial Mandate AX-8479-M42

++++++++++++++++++++++++INQUISITORIAL MANDATE AX-8479-M42++++++++++++++++++++++++

In the name of the Golden Throne do we the Ordo Malleus, and the Inquisition find Elias Kar, Kor, Molly O’Brien, and Eli Hastus, the infamous “Red Cell” to be guilty of the following crimes in the eyes of Him on Earth.

Collusion with heretics
Bargaining with warp entities
Possession of proscribed knowledge
Slaughter of Imperial servants
Aiding and abetting known heretics
Grand treason
Association with heretics
Massacre of Imperial citizens
Tainted by the Warp
Extended contact with heretics
Destruction of Imperial property
Desecration of an Ministorum grounds
Possession of artifacts of the ruinous powers

We of his Imperial Majesty’s most holy Inquisition declare thee the guilty party Hereticus Majoris, and sentence you to death by sawing, to be overseen by an Inquisitor of rank; after which your remains shall be burned and cast into the heart of a star. May Imperial justice account for all transgressions committed, and may the Emperor have mercy upon your immortal souls for most surely we will not.

Ave Imperator.

Inquisitorial Mandate AX-8479-M42

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