Population: 5 billion (estimated)

Tithe Grade: exactus Median

Geography: For main continents and extensive island chains. ONly the largest continent is populated (mountainous/rocky, dense southern forests. Largely arid climate with frequent dust storms). Very few sources of fresh water.

Government type: None/tribal

Planetary Governor: Vervai (“king”) Skull

Adept Presence: Very low. Adepta Sororitas (Commandery at the Abbey of the Dawn). Administratum (Port Suffering).

Military: Massive armies in service of warlods. Large mercenary presence.

Trade: Iocanthos’s only meaningful trade export is Ghostfire pollen. The gostfire harvest is essential to the existence of the Imperial Guard penal legions in the Segmentum Obscurus.

It is a lawless world dominated by the local warlods, which clash across the various environs of Iocanthos. The planet’s importance is solely defined by the fact that it is one of the few planets capable of growing the Ghostfire flower, a plant that is refined into various combat drugs.

The warlords are in a continual struggle for control over the Ghostfire fields, as once a patch is harvested a new one must be found. This means that warlords are constantly traveling the length and breadth of the main continent, searching for the flowers, as well as clashing with other warlords for control over the local area. It is not uncommon for one to stumble across massive fields littered with bones and vehicle wrecks on Iocanthos’s wide plains, and dark forests.

Every 5 years, the administratum descends upon Iocanthos, where they trade guns, fuel, and other supplies for the Ghostfire pollen. The warlord that brings in the most pollen, is crowned “Vervai” and is recognized as the planetary governor, which also means that the Vervai gains the lion’s share of the Imperial support. Psykers are also handed over at this time, disappearing into the bowels of the black ships, never to seen again by mortal eyes.

Though some might balk at this slipshod form of government the Administratum fully accepts it. They know that if they were to take over the harvesting process there would be a heavy cost to pay. Many guardsman would be lost wresting control of the planet from the local warlords, and even under Administratum control, it is doubted that they could match the vigour with which the warlords harvest this crop. Therefore they leave it securely in the hands of the local warlords, safe in the knowledge that none of them can rebel against Imperial authority lest their supplies be cut off.

Port Suffering

The only permanent settlement upon Iocanthos, it is where all the pollen collected by the warlords is traded in exchange for weapons, and other supplies. Defended by stout walls, and by well equipped militia, it is a daunting bastion for any but the most determined warlord to take.


King Skull

The strongest warlord on Iocanthos, he is the de facto planetary governor, and controls large portions of the main continent at any one time.

Seth the Voicer

An administratum clerk turned holy crusader, he is gathering a great army, and now stands as a potential competitor to King Skull. Recently he has been acting more and more sporadic, and as acolytes of the Inquisition you have been sent to investigate his behaviour. Your last sight was of him being burned on a pyre, convicted of heresy by his personal confessor Eutalus.

The Army of Eutalus the Liberator

Having setenced Seth to death by fire, Eutalus swiftly seized control of his armies. Now Seth’s hordes march under the stern gaze of the self dubbed "Liberator. What he does remains to be seen.

Places of Note

Port Suffering


A Voice in the Warp Cjwee