Kali Cyrine

Dear loved ones, friends, and comrades,

If you’re reading this, then that means that I’ve been killed in the line of duty. It is a noble deed to serve the Emperor, so I have but one regret in death, that I couldn’t continue fighting. I was never a typical warrior. I wasn’t grizzled and rough. I wasn’t callous or cold. Instead I chose to live my life happily, finding the simple joys in life and cherishing each moment I was allowed to live alongside those who fought with me.

I have made mistakes and I have hurt comrades in the fit of battle. These memories have haunted me every day. But I chose to fight on, both in body and spirit. And so I pass on this message to my fellow fighters, a message that was given to me by the Imperial Tarot when I joined in Inquisition years ago: The only true fear is of dying with your duty not done.

The Emperor will always protect.

- Kali Cyrine

Kali Cyrine

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