In the lifelong pursuit for truth and knowledge three things are self-evident:
One: knowledge is power; it can be gathered, accumulated, and wielded.
Two: the end of the path, if an end does exist, holds room for one and one only.
Three: that upon the throne will suffer none to approach.

In the lifeless heart of the Vortex lies one who fell in such a manner.
A life extinguished, a moment fleeting, a mere blip on the screen.
Lost in the fate foretold for the uncountable,
Techpriest, Heretek, servant of Knowledge biological, chemical, and physical.

His name washed away by the tides of Chaos, yet still he left his mark.
A cage shattered, a foe captured, a thousand men under his sway.
The pursuit of knowledge ended prematurely through a stab in the back,
Disappointing inches from the ultimate goal.

RIP Kor 0825329
“At last he fell where he meant to shine”


A Voice in the Warp Cjwee