Maccabeus Quintus

Population: 200 million, may be more or less depending on pilgrim traffic

Tithe Grade: Aptus Non

Geography: Vast salt plains surround the basilica-cities of Grace’s Landing, Redemption’s Rise, and Duty’s Call. Salt storms as well as bone chilling temperatures at night are a common occurence. Survival is a harsh challenge for any soul as there is little forage to be found outside of the cities.

Government Type: Adeptus Ministorum

Governor: Cardinal Johann the Fell-Handed

Adept presence: Adeptus Terra, Administratum, Adeptus Ministorum, Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Adeptus Sororitas

Military: Maccabian Militia (strength unknown), Imperial Guard presence (strength unknown), Adeptus Sororitas presence (strength unknown), Potential Adeptus Astartes presence (strength unknown)

Trade: Maccabeus Quintus does not deal with trade in the traditional sense. Functioning as a shrine world largely excludes Maccabeus Quintus from the traditional tithes, which allows it to function unimpeded as a pilgrim destination and as a premier distributor of a high quality salt. They are also renowned for the famed Maccabian Janissaries, guardsmen who are renowned for their fanaticism.

A vast and unforgiving world, its harsh climate and lack of natural resources make it extremely inimical to human life. For all of these faults however, Maccabeus Quintus stands as one of the most blessed worlds, as it was here that a great man had died and was raised yet again by the will of the Emperor.

During the Angevin Crusade, when all was in jeopardy, it was here that General Drusus chose to retire to and marshal his might. However, his enemies predicted his actions and dispatched an assassin to slay him. Though the assassin was ultimately found and killed, he was killed whilst striking a mortal blow to General Drusus who collapsed soon afterwards. It was then spending ten days and nights just before death’s door that Drusus rose again renewed and filled with the light of the Emperor.

To this day Maccabeus Quintus is a grand site of pilgrimage, and stands as the heart of the Drusian cult in the Calixis Sector. Countless pilgrims walk the harsh landscape and often spend the rest of their lives here, becoming drafted into the militias, or even the vaunted Janissaries.

Maccabeus Quintus

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