Population: 25 billion

Tithe Grade: Exactus Extremis

Geography: Climate temperate with extensive equatorial deserts. Three main continents – mountainous/volcanic souther polar cap, equatorial crescent deserts/jungle (Hive Tarsus, Hive Tenebra [ Extinct] ) northern temperate landmass (Hive Sibellus, Ambulon, gunmetal city). Remainder of planetary surface covered in ocean (heavy pollution). Two moons (Sothus and Lachesis). Orbital docks above hive tarsus

Government Type: Adeptus Terra

Governor: Sector Governor Marius Hax

Adept presence: Adeptus Terra, Administratum, Adeptus Ministorum, Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Adeptus Arbites, Ordos of the Calixian Conclave High Council (Tricorn Palace)

Military: Army of the Scintillian Protectorate (medium/high quality force)

Trade: Scintillla is a major exporter of manufactured goods. Also an important source of manpower, especially for Imperial Guard recruits. Scintillla cannot support itself and requires massive imports of food from the Calixis Sector’s Agri worlds.

Scintilla is the capital of the Calixis Sector. Located in the southward end of the Golgenna Reach Scintilla is a teeming hiveworld upon which billions and billions toil day and night in the planet’s two main hives of Sibellius and Tarsus for the betterment of The Imperium.

Scintilla is also a world of corruption. Moral decay eats away at noble houses, whose members are often deluded by their own wealth and status. In the culture of the highborn the more power one has, the deeper the corruption tends to run. Many often think that with their privilege they are above or outside the law, and usually make sure that their immense amount of political and economical clout beats down any naysayers. Unsurprisingly they think all others are below them and it is not unknown for particularly degenerate nobles to use lesser humans as sport for their sick games. On the other end of the spectrum are the underhivers. The underhives are rife with mutants, outlaws, and ultra violent gangs as well as the psychotic redemptionists. The middle hivers are trapped between the two and live thankless lives, usually being indentured to one of the noble houses for the entirety of their liife.

The two most important features on Scintilla are its two hives: Tarsus and Sibellius. These hives are mainly ruled by councils drawn from the nobles of the spire. The majority of its inhabitants are middle hivers, the skilled and unskilled labourers who will live their lives in ignominy and endless toil. the poorest and most neglected areas are the underhives where life is a daily struggle.

Besides the two great hive cities the only other two major places of note are Ambullon and Gunmetal City. Both are minor cities yet still wield significant influence within their respective areas.Neither of the great hives would ever admit to the importance of these “offspring” communities.

It should be noted as well that while Scintilla’s two great hives have always competed with each other, neither could survive without the other for while Scintillla is the “ruling hive” and centre of the planet’s manufacturing might, Tarsus is the controls all off world trade.

Inquisitorial Holdings: The Tricorn Palace of the Inquisition
The palace is a trio of dark and austere trio of linked towers at the northern end of the hive sprawl, the palace is the headquarters of the High Council of the Calixian Conclave, which is to say the adminstrative seat of the Inquisition of the sector. Since the earliest days the Inquisition has always maintained holdings and sector conclaves. Each conclave is ruled by a Lord Inquisitor. For the last 200 years the current Lord Inquisitior of the Calixian Conclave has been Aegult Caidin. Though he respects the sector governor’s power he only answers to the distant High Lords of Terra. From the palace he organises the policies and activities of the Inquisitors under his command, as well as individual specialist cabals of Inquisitors sent upon “special circumstance” missions.

The general multitudes shun the palace. They see it as a grim and evil place, being completely ignorant of the true purposes of conclave. Nevertheless, to be seized by the Inquisition and carried away is a fate very few ever return from.


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