The Acolyte Cells of Von Haffen

The following are the known cells of Interrogator von Haffen

Red Cell

The members of this cell consist of Elias Kar a guardsman, Paris a priest, Kor the techpriest, and Kali Cyrine, another guardsman. A new cell they have acquitted themselves well in the Iocanthan theatre against the forces of the Liberator.

Blue Cell

Not much is known about Blue cell. The only known member is one Talia Dobrovelska,a native of Iocanthos, and leader of Blue cell. They served in the southern plains and farmlands in the Iocanthan theatre

Alpha Cell

Not much is known, you can only assume they are either Von Haffen’s personal retinue, or at least one of his more veteran cells. The only known member thus far is one Lucas Krell. No other members are known. Their activities have not been disclosed. The entire cell was killed in a running gun battle during what should’ve been a simple mission to secure the central database in one of Alactra’s hive spires.

Yellow cell

A cell that Lucas was sent to mentor to, the entire cell was KIA

Delta Cell

Whereabouts unknown, sent to scout the hulk in response to missing Red Cell, presumed to be lost in the hulk.

Gamma Cell

Another cell under Von Haffen, their leader seems to be a flamboyantly dressed noble woman. They were killed in the explosion in the attempted sabotage of one of Red Squadron’s frigates, the saboteur was never found.

The Acolyte Cells of Von Haffen

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