The Edge of Damnation

Population: Unknown, presumably indigenous creatures have taken root, most likely orks, tyranids, or all manner of unnatural warp scum, assume hostile.

Tithe Grade: none

Geography: The surface of the hulk contains every kind of spacecraft imaginable, from small shuttles to even Eldar reaver-ships. Additionally may asteroids and space debris have also combined to turn the hulk into something the size of a small planetoid. The interior climate is hard to discern, but initial scans show aproximately normal terran gravity and a breathable atmosphere. Naturally this does not necessarily extend to all parts of the ship. Actual interior climate / geography is unknown.

Governemnt Type: None

Governor: None

Adept Presence: Normally none. At the moment however there is a strong Adeptus Mechanicus, Adeptus Astartes, Imperial Navy and Imperial Guard presence on station exploring the hulk.

Military: Hostile indigenous population.

Trade: None

The space hulk “edge of damnation” has been seen several times over the past few millenia. First appearing in 488. M39 and subsequently every few hundred years afterwards, the hulk has ever only stayed in system for brief periods of time before disappearing once again into the warp. Most recently appearing in 001.M42 it is now currently being boarded by Imperial forces in an attempt to salvage and cleanse what parts of the hulk they can.

The Edge of Damnation

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