The Hollows

Population: Unknown

Geography: Largely urbanized environment, though with the

Government Type: Independent Forge-States

Governor: Currently being resolved via military dispute by Magos Onuris (Forge Polix), and the Exospectre (Forge Castir)

Adept presence: None

Military: Consisting mostly of various types of battle servitors as well as elite tech-guard. Forges tend to have their own specialist troops however.

Trade: Is largely conducted via individual contract between individual warbands and forges. Recently however, many enterprising warbands have taken to settling in the scraplands and devastated regions following the cataclysmic collision in order to scavenge for rare archeotech.

Originally known as the planet Hellwhisper, the Hollows was the domain of Arch Magos Elikas. Seeking to push the envelope further and further Elikas was cast out of the Mechanicus for his heretical ways. Finding himself within the screaming vortex he gathered many of the most brilliant minds he could find, and took them under his wing.

Ultimately only two of his proteges became worthy of inheriting their own forges: Magos Onuris, and the Exospectre. Once each protege had claimed his new forge and territory, Elikas retreated into his forge and was not yet seen again for many many years.

It was only during the cataclysmic sundering that Magos Elikas’s doors flew open again, as daemons poured forth in their hundreds of thousands and a grand apocalypse engine strode forth. Any enmity between proteges were immediately set aside as both Onuris and the Exospectre joined forces to destroy this city sized war-engine.

While they were successful in defeating the daemonic hordes that rampaged freely across the planet, the apocalypse engine wreaked terrible destruction and carved out whole sections of the planet into its modern day shape. Ultimately however the engine was damaged severely enough for it to fall into stasis, and many attempts and battles have been fought around it to claim and repair the machine… though thus far none have yet been successful in reviving it.

With much of the planet in shambles, and Elikas’s forge and legacy in tatters, Onuris and the Exospectre immediately claimed to be the sole inheritor, and a war that would last until this very day began. This was six centuries ago.

The Hollows

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