A Voice in the Warp

Mission 12
Destiny's Call

User Login: Kor0825329
Access Code: ************

+++Access Granted+++

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“Recording date 6.378.008, forty-second millenium. We had just exited the Warp outside Port Wander when it was discovered that the engines were failing. It would seem the previous owner, despite generous overhaul of the ship’s weapons and defense systems, failed to see the value of a sufficient drive. Lacking materials and tools aboard ship, and taking advantage of the Port’s opportunistic lack of Imperial presence, the ores liberated from 47-Kapella were used to barter for machinery and parts, as well as docking fees. See supplementary report 3892085a later for itinerary. Through O’Brien’s wit we were able to maintain our privacy as well, keeping secret the seed of Chaos aboard this mixed craft. [Note to self: must find some way of curbing Kar and his faction’s destructive ways] Repairs shall commence at once.

“Recording date 6.384.008, forty-second millenium. Repairs complete. We were able to obtain enough material to upgrade subsystems as well, at the cost of a few hundred menials who died while at work. Scanners revealed the Port to be significantly understaffed. Evaluation: most likely due to war effort. Cost-benefit statistical analysis revealed unfavourable probability of successively assaulting and capturing the port at this time. Location noted for retrieval at later date.

“Recording date 6.468.008, forty-second millenium. Ship combat detected at edge of sensor range. Closing in for verification. Imperial light cruiser and two escorts in combat with Black Legion ship Excrutiation of Martyrs. Assistance will be recommended.
Contact established with Warleader Furian the Blessed of Black Legion ship Excrutiation of Martyrs. See supplementary report 3892088 detailing conversation and combat logs. Furian has expressed intent to participate in Blood Tournament.

“Recording date 6.558.008, forty-second millenium. Ship entering Gloaming Worlds region of Screaming Vortex. Encrypted Dataslate of Mordecai sacrificed as payment. Several hundred crewmen claimed by daemons on entry. Crew capacity still sufficient at the moment.
Ship entering Kurse space. See supplementary report 3892109 for planetary data. Party sans Hastus land with small retinue: Dantilus + 150 guardsmen, Kar’s remaining mercenaries, and Brother Tormund and entourage. Warbands representing each Ruinous Power present, camping out in factions around the main city of Curse. Apart from insignificant and minor warbands are Furian the Blessed, Orianna of the Battleclans of Tallax, Vorasha the Betrayer, Big Boss Grogar [Ork], and Brekash the Kroot. The Ruinous Powers are represented by Morgana the Red Fury, Gargaloth Herald of Nurgle, Vessarian Prince of Pain, and von Haffen, who has taken up the moniker The Exalted. While I have no personal vendetta against von Haffen [it was thanks in part to his actions, after all, that I was able to find the true Path], Kar’s actions should be observed and monitored.

“The tournament itself proceeds in stages, with each warband deciding the level of challenge between a duel between Champions, Retinue versus Retinue, Beast fights, or Army battles of equivalent force. Lacking the manpower or resources for an army battle, the party has elected to proceed in the following order: Beast fight with the party of three, Retinue vs Retinue, Champion’s Duel, and Retinue vs Retinue. The Beast fight will serve as a warm-up while we allow weaklings in the tournament to be weeded out, while saving a retinue battle for last increases our chances at least three-fold. I am somewhat doubtful of Kar’s chances in the Champion’s Duel, however. This will be resolved tonight.

“Upon further reflection I have come to the conclusion that Kar is free to risk his life in a Champion’s Duel. He has proven resilient of late, and he appears to have an unknown Ruinous benefactor at his side, as well. Despite his outward reverence of Khorne, I cannot help but note the Nurgle alignment of his unique physique. Should our warband lose and be subsumed into another’s, it will matter little to me anyhow so long as I retain the freedom to practise my art. If all else fails, being in the Screaming Vortex, I can always default back to Polix.

“Recording date 6.579.008, forty-second millenium. The first battle was against a Fenksworld Pit Thing. I am content to log the success of my machine adaptations. Today they demonstrated great resistance against a point blank frag grenade explosion. I look forward to obtaining the resources to improve this boon.

“Polixian bretheren have set up shop to take advantage of the Blood Tournament. After some negotiation it has been decided that they will lend aid in exchange for our warband’s assistance against Castir, on the condition that we make it to the final match. I calculate our chances to be favourable at this point in time.

“Recording date 6.600.008, forty-second millenium. The second battle was against Orianna and a small retinue. Despite Kar and my falling into traps, Molly’s previous befriending of Orianna proved successful as she yielded following her underlings’ incapacitation. Note to self: blind grenades quite the worthwhile investment. Note to self: further research into fleshling sociology and psychology recommended for most efficient use of resources. May require outsourcing.

“Recording date 6.627.008, forty-second millenium. The third battle was a Champion’s Duel between Kar and Vorasha the Betrayer. It seems Kar was once again able to call on his Ruinous benefactor as I had predicted.

“Recording date 6.648.008, forty-second millenium. This will be a short recording for log purposes only. The party has been to a local Teller who forsaw our destinies intertwined with von Haffen’s. As a devout follower of the all-knowing Illustrious One Tzeentch, her talk of fates is, while difficult to include in calculation, difficult to overlook. Between the five of the party [plus von Haffen], she revealed the cards Chosen [Kar], Strife [O’Brien], Destiny [Self], Betrayal [Hastus], and Victory [von Haffen]. It may be important to note her blindness, such that the order of the cards may be immaterial. It appears we five are charged by the fates to conquer the Heart of the Vortex. By her words: “Where the hearts are coldest; the blades are sharpest.”

“Analysis: Chosen, Victory, and Destiny have null semantic value for the purpose of analysis; each imply set, immutable paths decided by a higher power, therefore discard all context. Strife and Betrayal are both descriptive of the past and probable of the future. Total semantic value of this telling = 0.

“I do not question the Master Architect, but from an engineering standpoint this seems quite an inefficient operation. As with all things, however, time will tell.”

+++End of Recording+++
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Mission 11
Freedom's Call

6.288.008 M42

We landed on 47-Kapella somewhere halfway between Tertius and Secundus. As we began to unload our gear and equipment, we were ambushed by the armless lass Malica and her crew. Tormund was there also with his own entourage. They quickly briefed us on the standings of the war: everything had been heavily dependent on guerrilla warfare so far, but had not been going well. After explaining our new plan of organising resistance pockets together, and laying a new communications system, we turned to the topic of repayment. We quickly agreed that if we helped to decisively win the war, we would be allowed to speak to the soldiers and attempt to rally them to our cause.

We armed what soldiers we could with the weapons we had brought, and began our journey to organise the rebels. With Eli’s help, I immediately gained a good number of supporters from a nearby village by managing to convince them of the Imperium’s oppression. With our new might, we managed to take Tertius Prima. My friends fought bravely, Tobias Evans in particular, and I awarded him the Bandaid Badge for courage in helping his wounded comrades.

Hearing that the Imperium-welcoming villages were being better rather well-treated, we knew we had to act quickly lest we risk them becoming victims of Imperial brainwashing. We did our best to broadcast a message uniting all of Kapella to Malica as a figurehead. Unfortunately, people from surrounding villages came slowly to join our cause, but they brought with them news of opportunity. An Imperial convoy was on its way to put an end to our rebellion, and we weren’t going to have any of that!

Laying traps for their vehicles, we bunkered down and waited. When they finally arrived, ho! How we drove them screaming from the gates! After our glorious securing of Tertius Prima, we received broadcasts: “Tertius Secundus with you!” and “Tertius Tertius is with you too!” Overnight, our numbers grew to four thousand strong.

With our newfound power, it wasn’t too surprising when we were contacted by a member of the enemy’s forces. Captain Dauntilus was eager to take himself away from the society which did not appreciate his skillset, and wanted to aid us in our absorption of Secundus through a carefully planned ambush.

With Secundus and Tertius under our control, 47-Kapella was essentially free from Imperial rule. As agreed upon earlier, we were allowed to convince more people to join our cause. Returning to the ship, we mutinied against Captain Obadiah, and took for ourselves a beautiful light cruiser. Kapella may belong to Malica now, but the rest of the Calixis sector is ours for the taking.


Mission 10
A Madman's Mutter

FILE NAME :: SIX_A301.voxrec

+++++ soft static hiss in the background +++++

Coming to this shithole wasn’t a bad idea after all. Apart from meeting up with the… “cell” again, we set out our plan to get things moving – finally. An Acolyte cell was active on the planet, and I’ll be damned if I let a lead like that slip by. Under the hope that they had some information that could help us, we decided that we needed them. Or at least the information they had.

Based at a nearby prison, it wasn’t going to be easy to get them to come out and play. We weren’t pussies back when we were Acolytes, but these guys sure as hell were – they hid behind walls, towers, fences, checkpoints, and armed guards. The benefits of holing up in an internment camp, I guess. And they had the best of armed guards too…

+++++ long pause +++++

+++++ Speaker clears throat +++++

We looked around for help where we were most likely to get it – the local militia. Not the “PDF” per se – they weren’t Imperial, and they sure as hell didn’t support the Imperial cause. With them, and some of Eli’s friends, we arranged to storm the prison. Unfortunately, the militia would only assist us given a favour – we had to help intercept a weapons convoy.

It was easy enough, I suppose. Though I did have a near-death experience – a lunatic commissar charged me down on a trike, powersword swinging like a madman. I could have sworn I’d lost my leg, if not my life. But I was able to gun the bastard down as Molly and Kor came to my assistance. Though I get the feeling something else came to my assistance at that moment too. Something that wasn’t truly there…

+++++ long pause +++++

With our job done, we continued planning for our attack on the prison, and decided on an alternate method to lure out the acolytes. One that had a smaller chance of us all dying. We would attack the nearby quarry where the prisoners were put to work. Set the prisoners free, and get the attention of the acolytes.

The plan worked better than expected – particularly due to Eli’s airheaded decision to use some dark magic infused bullet of his. The kid has a good heart, but it needs to start pumping blood to his brain. The bullet brought something quite sinister out to fight. It absorbed one of my m-… one of the guards, and turned it into a mass of flesh that started rolling around and absorbing nearby guards. I gunned it down with relative ease, but I need to keep Eli’s stupidity in mind.
Also his tendency to lie. I’m glad I confiscated his bullets. Wish I didn’t have to hand one off to Kor and Molly each, but before I could find a way to keep all three, reinforcements were rolling in to the quarry.

More guards came in, first, to secure the area, followed by the cell. The guards left, thankfully, but we had to deal with four acolytes, in pitch darkness. It didn’t help that they all seemed much better armed than us – one had some Xenos gun (Kor later identified it as Dark Eldar), another had a hunting rifle, one was clearly in charge and armed accordingly, while the last we suspected to be a Psyker.

We made a plan as best as possible – Eli would snipe the Psyker from a distance while we went in to combat. The idea was to capture the commander in the hopes of interrogating him. Things started off well enough, but the chimera that the acolytes came in was armed with a multi-las. Further misfortune – the commander managed to get in, arm it, and fire it at me.

I watched time dilate as the burning lasers flew at me. I knew I was screwed. FUBAR. There is absolutely no way anybody can survive a shot like that. Yet, I did. Something reached out to me, literally, as I fell into a pit of darkness. Something grabbed my hand, and pulled me out, back to life. And I was fine. I was in pain, but I was intact. The battle had already been won by the time I came to, unfortunately, but I recovered in time to watch Kor extract information from the commander.

The cell was led by Inquisitor Silvanus from his ship Ferrata Victrix, and they were here processing labour – unwanted people, and political threats. They recently received orders to go to the Malfi subsector because of the recent unrest there. They had just come from Malfi too, so things must be getting really bad there if they were being called back.

As for Von Haffen – it seems he has adopted a new name. And has gone into hiding. Perhaps in Malfi. Perhaps in the Screaming Vortex. The commander didn’t know.

As things stand now, we are pursuing the potential lead in Malfi, though I think we need to hold off on that. I would prefer to find out what is going on with me, first. Somebody is watching. I don’t think it’s the Emperor, though I wish it were… I want to find answers before I keep pursuing our goals. And I don’t think Malfi has those answers.

+++++ static hiss +++++


Mission 9
Whimpering in the Dark

4.846.001 M42

This is not so much of a report,so much as it is a record and reflection for meself. I shall explain that later. Since the last time I wrote one of these, much has happened, and much has changed.

It began when we took a lander down to a planet being taken over by heretics. There was a small resistance group we were supposed to be meeting up with to support, and after taking precaution to divert attention away from our landing zone, we made for cover at what apeered to be a chicken farm. There were a few heretics in the area that we quickly got rid of, and after making sure we were alone, we got to work hiding the lander in one of the barns.

We were approached a few days later by resistance members Captain Whitfield, and his mate Andy. Although they were initially upset at how few we were in number, it wasn’t too hard to convince them they needed our help. They were utterly skin and bones, starved from a total lack of support over the last wile. They offered us a monetary incentive for helping them, but seeing the state themselves were in, it was silly to want to take any more from them, and instead, we offered them a share of our wares.

We needed to collect a man named Nihilan, located in the Bastion of Woe. The Captain suggested we travel through to Deepwood Motte, and from there, sail our way up the coast line in order to reach the Bastion from the safest angle. I found this plan quite fitting to my tastes, and convinced the lot it was a good idea. However, our cross country trek was not the most pleasant. In order to supply the resistance members with food, we could only afford to eat every other day, and were pretty hungry.

We finally made our way to a small fishery so that we could find ourselves a ship. The locals there had sadly been taught to fear the Light of the Emperor’s grace, but with some kind words and convincing, they quickly remembered freedom from heresy, and were plenty eager to join us in The Fight. From the fishery, we sailed our way up the coastline, and spent time observing the Bastion to find the best angle of approach. Getting our hands on some messenger uniforms, we managed to infiltrate our way past the outer wall, and plant explosives away from our point of escape.

Under the blanket of darkness that came in the night we scaled the tower of the Bastion of Woe. We entered at the balcony of a bedroom, which, as luck would have it, turned out to be the bedroom of Nihilan himself. He wasn’t in the room when we entered, so expecting his return; we hid in the room and waited.

It wasn’t at all difficult to get him out, and we were actually quite surprised at how willing he was to leave with us. Rappelling down the tower, we detonated the charges, leaving panic and pandemonium in our wake. We made our way back to the ports, but as our getaway ship had no time to stop, we had to jump to catch it. Fortunately we got away safely, and returned to the Wrath of Drusus. *

*It is hard to understand exactly what happened aboard the Wrath of Drusus. They tell me now that the ship was heretical, but I don’t understand how I couldn’t see it then. I suspect something is wrong here.

Two months later, we were returned to Iocanthos, another war already raging at the surface. This time we were tasked with regaining control of a particular tower. As we climbed it, it became increasingly clear that this tower was not untouched by dark forces, and we could sense daemons everywhere. Once we finally reached the top of the tower, our co-worker Lucas apeered to be absolutely destroyed across the floor, and we arrived just in time to see Von Haffen being cut in have by a chaotic looking space marine. Somehow managing to stay alive, as we tried to fight the marine, he crawled his way over to a glowing dark orb that was behind him, and touched it.
The next thing we know, we’ve woken up in a jail cell, accused heresy and sentenced to execution the next day. I wanted to see it through, I really did, knowing that with The Emperor to protect me, I hadn’t anything to fear. But Six convinced me that so long as there was breath in my lungs, there was His work to be done, which I could not do from inside a jail cell, or hanging by my neck. So when the opportunity to escape presented itself in the form of an evil man, I took it, knowing that I would right things in other ways. What we thought to be our friend Doctor Jones was really just another heretic. He showed us the gates to freedom, and I no longer feel shame at having taken them.

It is presently that I am reminded of a prayer, one I find meself repeting frequently these days.

Those who follow false Gods
And work to deceive others, know this:
There is but one Truth.
All things are known to our Emperor
And He shall judge our lies.


Mission 8
A Lament for the Fallen

=1A020 SA IMP TT=
=4.329.001 M42=

After our return to the surface and a few days of rest, we received word that a man known to collaborate with the orks was believed to be down the westward tunnel. Seeing as we already knew a route to the area, I suggested that we take the path that was already secured. When we reunited with the local population, they updated us on the status below the surface of the hulk. Apparently, the orks have been acting strangely, working more tactically than they have ever been known to operate.

However, we did not let this information concern us, and we proceeded down the westward tunnel with determination to find out what we could about this man. Although some time had passed since we had last been there, it appeared that the tunnel was undisturbed from when we left it. As we journeyed along the halls, I happened to discern a silhouette crossing the far end of the hall, and took note of this.

Our investigation proved unfruitful, and all we happened to discover was some abnormal plant life growing along the walls. Be that as it may, we were attacked in the midst of our searching by what I believe to be the same silhouette I had seen earlier. The creature was strange, able to travel through a variety of materials and use them to form its shape. After engaging it, it fled the battle, instead choosing to follow us in cowardice and attack at random opportunity. Fortunately we were finally able to kill it, and proceeded with the rest of our journey in peace.

Following two days of travel, we have reached a chute of some sort, and have made our way to the bottom of it. From what we can see, the man we were looking for is definitely here, and has the heretical tome that once belonged to the witch Eutalus. He has left along a set of rail tracks, but I suspect he is likely to return.

There is a small door by the far wall which appears likely to lead us to the tracks. With faith on our side, we will be able to sneak over and enter without being spotted. After reaching the tracks, we can follow them, and find this heretic.

That we fight to rest in His light.

=1S20 GT IMP TT=

=1A027 SA IMP TT=
=4.329.001 M42=

To be perfectly onest, I wasn’t too keen on workin with Red cell at first, seeing how much of a disapointment they were to you. However, me opinion of them changed pretty quickly when I had the chance to get to know them better. In fact, this lovely bunch of scalawags is actually capable of getting The Emperor’s work done, given the oportunity.

As it turns out, a whole colony of filthy xenos orks had been livin in the depths of this ship-hulk. We suffer not the unclean! We suffer not the impure! and duty demanded we wipe them out. With the companiment of some fine and handsome Space Marines, we rallied another 800 or so hulk-natives to join our attack, then proceeded to work on a distraction so that we could gettem from behind.

Our tech-priest Kor managed to build us some harnesses so that we could reach the bottom-most floor of the colony, where it seemed all the xenos’ ammunition was being stored. After careful planning, we planted several bombs by their ammo-tents, and set them off as their grotesqe warboss aproached.

We fought a bloody battle, suffering heavy casualty. Me cell mates sacrificed much to ensure his death, but in the end, it fell upon me own shoulders to bring him down. With their leader gone, the rest of the orks were totally lost and didn’t know what to do. Slaughtering them became easy enough.

Armour thy personage in faith to He,

=1S27 ST IMP TT=

Mission 7
A Cry in the Crossroads

=|= Report to Interrogator Von Haffen

= 4.218.001 M42 =

Interrogator Von Haffen,

Continuing from where I left off last time, we decided to venture down the Southern tunnel which was covered in bizarre diamond-like symbols carved into the walls, and there was considerable battle damage to the tunnel, so we proceeded with caution. We finally reached the end of the tunnel and we were met with a row of spikes with decapitated heads perched on top (their eyes had been peeled back and the symbol had been carved on their eyes) and a large, solid door baring the diamond-symbol. There was also a surveillance camera watching us, we politely knocked on the doors and were allowed in. As we got a little further in we encountered another door, as we knocked on the second door a handful of guards appeared and asked that we surrender our weapons, I complied, but reluctantly as I feel too light without my lovely swords by my side. But this is a mission, sacrifices must be made. I should also point out that these men were speaking a basic and simple language, making it difficult to communicate, but we were finally able to tell them that we’re doing a favor for the Mechanicus and that we were just trying to make our way back to the surface.

We were led inside the second set of doors and past an armed barricade and up through a town of sorts. We were able to conclude that this was a colony ship as we were led up towards the best looking house at the top of the hill. We met with the leaders of the ship, Jarl Gunnar Krakenmaw, the other wearing a wolf pelt named Gothi and Skjald Heoroth Greypelt. We begin to tell them our story, and they asked us what we can do for them in exchange for getting us up to the surface, after some back and forth, they tell Kor that he will use his abilities to repair their machines and a set of guards whisk him off, the rest of us are to live on the ship on the outskirts of town, we were also not told where Kor was but were able to keep in contact with his through our vox.

Rather than spending the rest of the day in a run-down shack, we decided to wander around the village and we were followed closely by guards the entire time. The villagers eyed us warily and any weapons we tried to buy resulted in the vendors refusing to sell to us. We decided to see how far we could venture up the hill in the ship and we managed to make our way back to the leader’s den where we met with them and asked them how long we would be staying there, they answered that we would be there as long as we’d have to. After getting in touch with Kor again, he informed us that while he was working on the generator, he would be there a LONG time and was not happy about it, but once night fell he was sent to our shack.

While eating in the public eating area Paris was approached by a random man wanting us to leave and the man proceeded to knock Paris down. Six and I fight him off for a while, with Kor trying to hit him with a chair, but Six manages to land the last blow and the crowd went crazy. We were given free drinks, but given his embarrassing defeat Paris decided to leave, but Six and I enjoyed them.
The next day the Jarl gave us a mission, to investigate strange voices coming from the crossroads where we fell in, and that for the mission we would be given back our weapons and five guards. We and one guard decided to head down the Eastern tunnel to investigate, while the 4 other guards went West.

The Eastern tunnel was a merchant ship (according to Kor who managed to hack the schematics of the ship) and there was the occasional patch of moss on the walls and floor, but most of it gathered around the ducts that rattled every once in a while. Kor even tried knocking on the vent, covered by Paris and I, but nothing happened. We quickly found the source of the strange voices, it was a transmission from you, asking us to investigate this section of the ship and to check out the orc situation. After Kor sent you the data from the console he was using, I was attacked by a blobby larva from the vent but I managed to get it out with a knife and stamp it dead. We then got a vox from Paris and Six telling us that we were facing a Tyranid infestation. After venturing a little further into the ship, I had to slice open a door only to find 30 dead chewed-up bodies and an equally dead console, we quickly retreated back to the crossroads, but found no one else there. Paris went back to the village and informed the Jarl about your transmission being the source of the voices and the Tyranids. He then sent 15 guards to block off the Eastern side, but sent us with 5 guards to investigate the Western tunnel in order to find the missing guards.

As we ventured in, Paris and Six found a sign with a symbol on it, Six told us that it’s linked to heresy, but we continued on. As we moved along, we follow the footprints of the guards that went missing, seeing that two sets of footprints stopped suddenly while the last one moved forward. We checked the walls and ceiling but couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary. As we investigateed some of the rooms we found shattered microscopes and stuff, and one of the desks looks like it was cut with a laser, but was ice cold to the touch. At one point one of the guards went missing and none of the others saw him leave. We decided to head down the staircase at the end of one of the hallway, and Kor mentioned to us that he felt like the floor was watching us, even though it was solid. As we kept going, one of the guard’s arms brushed the wall and it suddenly started to pull him in, Kor manageed to cut off his arm in time with a chain axe and stem the bleeding, but the guard died of shock.

We began discussing whether to continue or not, while this was happening a hand came out of the wall and crushed the head of yet another guard. We, once again, quickly retreated. Six then threw a frag grenade into the lake at the crossroads because I suppose he wanted to blow SOMETHING up.

After reporting back to the village with the Jarl, Kor was sent to the generator to finish repairing it while the rest of us were sent back to the shack. The next day repairs were finished and we visited the Jarl once again to discuss our exit strategy. He told us that by going through the North, East, or West tunnel we would get to the surface, and he highly recommended the Northern passage while giving us schematics even though they weren’t complete as it just kinda droped off at the end with a massive red blip. To get some last minute rations, I traded a las pack for some food at the market before leaving.

After making our way through the Northern passage, we reached what the red blip was, a multi-level village dug by orcs. We waited until nightfall with Six guarding the tunnel and taking out orcs that found us. We sneaked along under the cover of night until we reached a guard orc, which Six distracted using a piece of scrap metal, we managed to find a 4 seat vehicle with a stubber on the back and an orc asleep at the wheel. Paris slashed the stomach and I slammed my chainsword down it’s throat before it could scream. Six decided to drive while I manned the stubber. We got spotted and I started suppressing fire while Six ran over some smaller orcs. As we made our way up, we were suddenly attacked by two orcs in choppers, I managed to hit one of them while Kor fired off a couple of shots at the other. At one point the car drifted and stopped, but Six snapped out of it and kept driving. As we made it up to the final level of the orc village we encountered a ramp with an orc standing at the end. Six slammed into him and the car crashed partially onto the edge of the last level. Six, Kor, and Paris managed to get out of the car, but I almost didn’t make it as an orc tried to slap me down as I tried to scramble out of the car.

After making our way out, we went on a four day trek through the hulk after which we encountered a space marine who went with us back to the rest of the crew. Right now we’re in the midst of resting up but we’re all thankful to the Emperor for protecting us in spirit during this last mission!

The Emperor protects!

= Kali Cyrine =

= 4.218.001 M42 =

Mission 6
Signals in the Void

click of recorder, followed by loud static


incoherent words that might of sounded like ‘curseded device’ or ‘turkish delight’, and two loud thuds

loud static minimalizes into background

Acolyte D’jinn Soloman of the Red Cell, reporting to Interrogator Von Haffen on the date of 4.197.001 M42. In response to the emergency transmission received on the valkryie – shortly after the fall of the Liberator and his tower – our cell headed off to Port Suffering.

On board the valkyrie, we met up with Acolyte Kali Cyrine, who insists that she belongs to our cell, but I suspect otherwise. Kor had to go through intensive healing for the whole trip under the healer Doctor Jones, while the rest of us surveyed the outside, confirming the damages implied by the emergency transmission.

Upon landing in Port Suffering we were apprehended by ground control, but Paris dashed past them in panic, with the rest of the party chasing after him. Well…except for Kor. He stayed due to having no replacement leg available. Paris led us to a house that was being invaded by the enemy. We quickly dispatched them (with me dealing the killing blow to the last guy) and rescued the maiden that was located within (who turned out to be Paris’ bed mate).

Six voxed to the spaceport to check on their status, and notified the team that the port was under attack and we disembarked right away (with Paris carrying his mate). On the way, Six’s associate Bane joined us. In regards to this Bane character, I suggest to be on full alert around him, for he reeks of an odour that can be classified as chaotic.

Upon arrival of the spaceport, we regrouped with Kor and Lucas and boarded a shuttle to the light cruiser “Wrath of Drusus” in space. From there, we were introduced to Captain Krell, and he debriefed us of the situation at hand: the Imperial battalion was going against a chaos fleet (2 battleships and 2 cruisers on either side) and the arrival of the Mechanicus fleet may help turn the tides (which you, sir, and Six managed to convince the Magos to assist the Imperium, on the condition that we return the favour).

The Captain went with our idea of standing our ground and assigned our party (along with a squad) to protect a generator as the first line of defence. Once the ship’s hull was breached, we cut down the enemy with no remorse. Some things that were noted during battle were that they seemed to have hazy eyes and shout out the phrase “For the Word!” After battle, upon closer examination, the heretics wore a crest logo of a flaming daemon head upon the chest of their clothing.

We reported back to the Captain of our success, only to be sent off again (with 9 servo skulls for Kor to operate) to flush out a person that was sneaking around in the engineering deck. After many hours, we were unable to catch the culprit and reported back to the captain. However, Paris was able to catch a glimpse of the intruder: a man who wore black clothing and what seems to be shiny pins on the lapel. Do not judge me rashly, Interrogator Von Haffen, sir, but to my knowledge, this description somewhat describes Lucas (for he has an affinity for black clothing and rank pins). For the sake of the Imperium, and the Emperor’s will, I hope that the person skulking about the engineering deck was not Lucas.

After 2 months of sailing in the warp, we encountered the Space Marine cruiser “Decario’s Vengeance”, and we were able to meet with 3 Space Marines (1 of them being the Librarian) in reverence of our holy Emperor. After that, we disembarked in a shuttle to the hulk to repay our debt to the Magos. Upon arrival, the Magos (surrounded by Space Marines) notified us that there was a distress signal in the hulk and told us to investigate the source. She also warned us that vox signals would become weaker as we go deeper into the hulk.

Once inside the hulk, we came across the distress beacon with 4 gretchins hammering away at it. Upon arrival, the enemy noticed us and started to attack us. After dispatching them, Six notified the Megos about the presence of Orks in the hulk, and Kor discovered that the beacon was brand-new with no message logs on it (only a continuous message of ‘SOS’ and the notion that it was set up the day before).

Upon discovering the nature of the beacon, a huge Ork rampaged into the alcove, which we bravely battled with utmost abandon. Once I dealt the killing blow (rendering it to bloody pieces), the floor collapsed underneath us, sending our cell down into the tunnels. As soon as we recovered ourselves, we were faced with the crossroads of fate.

May the Emperor guide our weapons to strike fear into the heretics and protect our souls from the corruption that is known as Chaos.

Acolyte D’jinn, signing off.
click of recorder

Mission 5
An Echo of Triumph

=9A98 SA IMP TT=
=4.016.001 M42=

As you are already aware, our acolyte team recently embarked on an impromptu mission of our own. Although I realize that our actions were not the most professional, I am sure you will agree that they were for the greater good.

Through a complicated chain of events, we happed upon an underground daemon bordello crawling with heretical activity. Understanding our duty as acolytes of His Inquisition, we took it upon ourselves to purge the good world of its existence. Due to its immense size, a room-by room sweep of the building would be near-impossible. Instead, thinking abstractly, we managed to strategically collapse the entire building along with the hundreds of daemons and heretics residing inside.

This concentrated level of heretical activity clearly stemmed from the larger-scale war on Iocanthos. Our most important task was approaching—a full-out attack against Seth’s armies was soon to come. In preparation for this great battle, our acolyte cell was assigned to attain the allegiance of the Battle Sisters.

At the time of our arrival to the Sisters’ fortress, the Sisters were already engaged in battle with hordes of heretics. Our outsider status, combined with their priorities of self-defence, made them less than willing to co-operate with us. In order to prove our good-will and dedication, they sent us on a mission to both rescue a captured Sister and return the stolen Scriptures of Ezariah.

The warring heretics had begun to retreat from battle. Following them, we discovered their encampment hidden within the nearby mountains. Despite being well-guarded, I tactfully thought to don the saint masks we had earlier acquired, and deceive our way into the encampment.
Once inside, I discovered that Sister Jessica was being held captive in a castle owned by a man named Clark. In order to come into contact with her we took up jobs at the castle; Six and I acted as saints once more, and Kor and D’jinn received odd jobs.

Having infiltrated the castle, we snuck into the prison cells under pretence of imprisoning D’jinn. He acted as a distraction whilst Six and I freed Sister Jessica. With her help, we reacquired the Scriptures from Clark’s library and escaped the castle. The challenge was then to escape the encampment. We drew upon heavy firepower and created great pandemonium, which then provided us with an opportunity to flee. A heretical horde hot on our tail, we made a mad final dash to the Battle Sisters’ fortress, barely escaping their filthy grasp.

We had completed the Battle Sisters’ task, and so assumed they would be open to helping us. However, they insisted that we had to first complete their ritualistic tests. We had little choice but to comply, and as we were pressed for time, we hoped the completion of these tests would bring their allegiance.

The first was a test of mind. We were given a riddle, and were required to determine a numerical code from it. After we spent approximately half an hour struggling, I unravelled the riddle and cracked the code. The second was a test of strength. Passing the first test, we found ourselves face to face with Sister Jessica. She called upon one of us to face her in a duel. Six accepted her challenge, and when he drew her blood, she allowed us passage. The third and final test was one of faith. D’jinn pointedly accepted this test as his own. He walked a fiery passageway, and faced an apparition of a daemon with unflinching faith. The tests completed, we finally gained the allegiance we had been working for.

The time for battle was upon us. We approached a large tower as we drove in. You, along with Lucas, ran past it to fight the battle elsewhere. There was suspicion that Eutalus could be hiding out in the tower; battling heretics left, right, and centre, we managed to make our way in. We climbed the tower for what seemed like many days. Knowing this to be an impossible reality, we decided that evil forces were at work, and made resolve to abolish them.

When we reached the tower roof, we saw Eutalus conversing with two chaos marines. They took from him what appeared to be a book, and then flew off in their ship, leaving him to fend for himself against our righteous wrath. Needless to say, as The Emperor was on our side, we defeated Eutalus despite terrible struggle. The battle was won and the day was saved. With golden hearts, we turned homeward bound.

We serve for His return.

=9S98 GT IMP TT=

Mission 4
Stutters in the Swamps

=9A86 SA IMP TT=
=4.925.999 M41=

Another acolyte team, consisting of members named Elvira, Lucas, Sebastian, and Shandi had been sent on a mission into uncharted swampland. Having received a distress message shortly into their mission, and the party having gone missing, it was our task to locate and rescue them. Retracing the footsteps we were able to discern from their message, we followed the river upstream from their wrecked vehicle site. It was not long until we located the first party member. We came across Sebastian’s body floating downriver; upon examination, we determined that he died of what appeared to be human bite wounds. By nightfall, we had reached the tributaries aforementioned by the preceding cell. Needing shelter for the night, we took board as guests in a nearby mansion.

The residents of this mansion appeared to be of honourable descent and good faith. However, shortly after arrival, it was discovered that the entire mansion was a facade. Our hosts and their servants were puppets to daemonic forces, driven to kill us. We did away with them quickly and without hassle. Doors and windows would not budge; we had no way to exit. Under my lead, we swept the aboveground floors, looking for clues to our escape. In a guest bedroom we discovered Shandi’s body, left in the decay of her suicide.

We camped out in the master bedroom with plans to explore the basement floors in the morning. With the night came further evidence of heretical forces at work in the house. Stone walls danced like boiling water; objects moved without reason. The morning exploration led to the discovery of an underground tunnel, and a third recording suggesting the others had attempted to escape through it as well. Following the tunnel, we arrived at a shanty town of strangely pallid people. Incapable of any form of communication, they were of no aid to us. However, we were led by a ghostly member to an old man sitting in a side alleyway. His vicinity was covered in strange markings which hurt the eyes to look at, and clearly had daemonic associations. Against all logic and common sense, Six decided it was necessary to shoot the old man. His foolish actions led to the summoning of a terrifyingly large daemon, rotting and smelling of illness. Thankfully, I was able to diffuse the situation. Weakening the daemon with holy words, I managed to finish it off in a spray of gunfire. We were quick to exit the tunnel afterward, at which point the mansion collapsed in a heap of rubble.

Following the tributaries, we reached the walls of a town. The town appeared to be loyal to the Emperor in nature, having erected a pristine basilica to Him at their town centre. However, we were met with gunfire, seemingly from a sniper in the basilica towers. Carefully making our way through the town, we finally managed to get close enough to the tower for our assassin to chase the sniper. However, D’jinn was not successful in his pursuit. Meanwhile, the rest of us discovered the flayed remains of our third acolyte, Elvira. Six ran off on his own in the early hours of the morning, returning with word that Lucas had left the town only recently. We managed to locate him in a house besieged by zombies which he had been holding up for several days.

After rescuing him, we activated our beacon, and reassembled with you in the Valkyrie.
There we received our second mission: to infiltrate a mechanicus shrine and take out its secondary generator in preparation for full assault. We sent our techpriest undercover in order to locate inconspicuous points of entry. However, Kor returned having fully completed the mission single-handedly. The assault at hand, our force was required to do our part in the attack. Under your direct leadership, we stormed the shrine, and achieved flawless victory.
All in His name, of which the sweetest of hymns are made.
=9S86 GT IMP TT=

Mission 3
A Bloody Bellow

Document Name: =I= Report to Interrogator Von Haffen
Document number: 6741
Date: 4.820.999 M41
Authorization: [Red] Six
Astropathic duct: Bastion psykanna duct 7
Clearance level: Gamma

Interrogator Von Haffen,

As per your orders, we have come close to uncovering the mysteries of the Port Suffering murders that have occurred recently. On your departure, we decided to investigate the latest murder that had taken place at a nearby warehouse. It was quite clear that this murder had been very ritualistic – the body and its parts were carefully arranged, and practically put on display. The blood, steaming in the cold of the meat freezer, was also laid out in the form of a strange symbol. While investigating the scene, we engaged a few warriors who simply ‘appeared’ in the room – they were chanting in a strange tongue, and their bodies disappeared on death. I have never faced anything of the like before, and am unsure of their nature. Fortunately, thanks to my skill and little help from the local authorities, we were able to leave the scene unscathed.

Upon further research, I uncovered a link between the murders and some nearby towns. On visiting one of these towns, Colestonville, we learned that the neighbouring town of Drake’s Hollow had recently been raided, leaving only one survivor. This survivor, Talia, was being sought after by Confessor Eutalus’ Saints, and was seeking refuge at the saloon at Colestonville. Paris was able to find and speak to Talia, and convinced her to come with us for her safety’s sake. We then decided it best to visit Drake’s Hollow as a possible lead for the murders back at Port Suffering. On arriving there, we were surprised to see that this town that had supposedly been ‘wiped out’ was still quite densely populated.

I decided it to be safest if Paris and Soloman went ahead with Talia as their guide while Kor and I stayed behind to provide cover. It was fortunate that I had us wait outside the town – we were able to see Confessor Eutalus as he arrived there, along with an armed guard. At this time, Kor and I decided to join Paris, Soloman, and Talia, only to discover the hellish pit that the place had become. The town was filled with heretics and mutants, living together in a malformed harmony. As a result, I had no doubt that the murderer must have been from there.

We learned that, before leaving, Confessor Eutalus visited Vorasha the Forsworn – the head of Drake’s Hollow. As such, we made it a priority to see what the connection between the two was. We decided that a quick look through Vorasha’s house may also give us some indication as to who was responsible for the murders. I decided it best to send Kor, Paris, and Soloman sneaking through the house while I distracted the guards and held them at bay. While I went about this plan, I saw Confessor Eutalus near the building as well, despite the recent news that he had left. I didn’t allow him to distract me, however, and continued on with the task at hand.

Though my plan was flawless, I didn’t expect the trio to be incapable of a simple task such as theirs – they managed to alert the guards, and within moments we were vastly outnumbered and outgunned. As I held back and fought off the heretics, Vorasha challenged us to a battle at his fighting pit; if victorious, he would give us the evidence we needed. Soloman, in his cowardice, leapt out of a window, while the rest of us accepted his challenge.

Though Soloman returned to fight alongside us – perhaps ashamed of his previous folly – his assistance was not quite needed. With only a little help from the others, I was able to kill this ‘great warrior’ within moments. Unfortunately, Kor has been gravely injured once more, having lost his arm as he attempted to battle Vorasha. As of now, he is still in need of medical attention. With evidence in hand, we immediately departed for Port Suffering, and were able to catch the murderer red handed.

There was a minor hostage situation, but Paris, Kor, and I were able to capture the culprit alive, and will be bringing him in for interrogation. Meanwhile, we await further orders.
For the Emperor,


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