Confessor Eutalus

The self styled "Liberator" he now has control of Seth's armies, what he does with them remains to be seen


A pale, sickly looking man, he is the true menace behind Seth’s rampage of destruction. He is often swathed in blue robes, and carries around a bone staff. His watery eyes always seem to stare deep into your soul.

His body was last seen laying broken at the hands of Red cell as they swiftly embarked on a valkryie to escape his crumbling tower.


Born to a certain Mordechai and Karen in a small village in the north western corner of Iocanthos, Eutalus knew that he would be different. He did not have the dark skin, and hair of the other boys; which caused him no end of grief as a child, driving him deep into his books. Neither was he very athletic, which caused him to be shunned even more, for what sort of man were you if you could not even heft up a gun, or skewer a boar? Thus was he shunned by the other boys in his village. However he did not mind all of this, as he instead found solace within the words of the Emperor.

With his parents seeing the earnesty and faith that Eutalus was showing in his studies, they cobbled up enough money to send him to Port Suffering to study there. Immediately Eutalus was both humbled and awed by the size of the Port. From then on he sought to do as best as he could to go and study and train to become a proper cleric of the Emperor. Sheltered as he was within the walls of Port Suffering, when he went on his first pilgrimmage, nothing prepared him for the harshness of life outside the walls.

Travelling alone, he was easy prey for the various bandits and other malcontents. About a month into his journey, far from any form of civilization he was robbed, and beaten to within an inch of his life. Managing to escape his bonds in the night, while his captors drank and reveled, he crawled away to safety. He found a cave to rest in and on the verge of death, he lay down and prayed for someone to help him. Someone heard him, and someone answered. That someone changed his life forever…

Confessor Eutalus

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