Minor Characters

This entry will contain all of the minor characters that have been listed in your travels thus far


Rogue Trader Obadiah Davion

A rogue trader that operates the ageing cargo vessel affectionately known as “The Old Dam”, he has taken to the group and is willing to provide supplies and transport through the Calixis sector… Provided it’s on his route of course.

Most recently he has been a victim of a mutiny aboard his ship which was led by the party, and was killed in the fighting.

Commander Dantilus, formerly of the 98th Laskin Legion

An ambitious and slightly distasteful looking man, he has eagerly allied himself with the party following his betrayal of the Imperium on 47 Kapella. Right now he currently oversees, trains, and directs the armed forces aboard the ship, and functions as one of the warband’s lieutenants.

Malcharion the Blighted

The ruler of the gladiator planet Kurse, you recently competed in his tournament of blood, and came out of it with a much greater force than when you came in.


Minor Characters

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